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    I am using Word and Excel 2000. The macro does run, but when the pictures load onto the Clipboard only 2 out of 6 (including the button control) have any content when pasted onto the Word document (and the graph that does is not pasting correctly).
    The Clipboard toolbar shows either 4 out of 6 or 6 out of 6 the first time it runs, and continues to fill up each time it runs(and eventually causes the macro to fall over).

    Just wanted to show you the References dialog box to make sure it is clear what I have (the network path given for "Missing:Microsoft Word 10.0 Object Library" does not contain a file of that name, but I presume as I am running Word 9.0 this is not relevant). Attached to the end of Result1.doc are screenshots showing before and after I alter them.
    Many thanks for your help with this - I feel like it works for everyone else but not me!

    Thanks for the reply, and you are right, I do need to be more specific.
    I am looking to write a macro that will take any number of Excel pictures (or charts, but if it works for one, I should be able to adapt the macro to the other), and copy them into a pre-existing Word template. The pictures/charts will vary in number and content (but should be of standard size): I have a loop which works within Excel (see Module1, Macro3), where I am struggling is to adapt it to activate the Word template and then paste in the content (see Module1, Macro6).

    Hi Dave

    Attached is a spreadsheet containing pictures;I am trying to write a macro to copy into a pre-existing Word document. No luck so far, but I hope someone can help with this, as it is something I have to do all the time. Ideally I would like to place the pictures into a table in Word, one to each box.