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    Re: Msg Box will not close

    I removed the Unload command because I figured you wanted them to go back and enter their email address. But however it suits you, it suits me :)

    Glad it worked out.

    Re: Msg Box will not close

    Looks like you were overthinking the problem. :)

    Try this out and see if it does what you want it to do.

    Private Sub IAccept_Click()
    If TextBox3.Text = "" Then
        Msg = "You must enter an email address to continue"
        MsgBox Msg
         IAccept = True
    End If
    End Sub

    Re: Pasting a column to the next blank column in a different sheet

    Try this out:

    Sub test()
    Dim NextCol As Long
        If Sheets("Summary Sheet").Range("A1").Value = "" Then
            NextCol = 1
            NextCol = Sheets("Summary Sheet").Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column + 1
        End If
            ActiveSheet.Range("J33:J52").Copy Sheets("Summary Sheet").Cells(1, NextCol)
    End Sub

    Re: Incrementing two For-Next loops at the same time

    I'll add another one, then I'll leave this alone....

    Don't misunderstand what we said about the link. If you are going to cross-post, it's acceptable, but usually not necessary. The vast majority of users of this forum also spend time at the others as well...sorry Dave, lol. But IF you are going to, we DO appreciate a link back to the other forum(s)....however, it would be nice if you would post your question HERE as well. If for no other reason that it shows us your willing to put a small amount of effort into helping yourself. Even a copy and paste would be original post (which might have more/different details than the other) would be even better.

    Anyhow, if your answer on the other forum wasn't coming from mikerickson (or a handful of others), I'm sure it would have been answered here...even with the short post.

    And please don't take all this as a reason to leave this forum...just don't drop links as "questions" and you'll be fine :)

    Re: Incrementing two For-Next loops at the same time

    I'm quite sure Mikerickson can help you. Give him some time :)

    He's been around a long time (there and on other forums, maybe this one as well), and his solutions are always very well thought out and easy to understand.

    Re: How to stop a new macro being recorded

    If you password protect the VBA project, the recorder won't work.

    Note: The VBA project can't be blank, or it won't take protection. Insert a module and type out any subroutine...

    Sub test
    MsgBox "Hi"
    End Sub

    or whatever, then it will allow protection.

    Re: Use userform textbox to get user text input

    Public variables don't hold their value forever. You could create a worksheet and hide it, then make a cell in that worksheet equal to the variable value before you unload the userform. Then on next run, grab the value from that cell back to the textbox.

    Re: add the sum of a group of cells but drop the two highest values

    I haven't tested it, but wouldn't you have to array that k value?


    Just a question....I don't know for sure.

    EDIT: just hit me......less than the second highest need to call out the highest value at all. Nevermind....carry on :)

    Re: Row removed based on criteria

    Try this one:

    Re: Hiding and unhiding sheets with VBA

    wsCubeArray looks like it's not defined....try using:

    Sheets("CubeArray").Visible = True
    Sheets("CubeArray").Copy Before:= Sheets(1)
    Sheets("CubeArray").Visible = xlHidden

    assuming, wsCubeArray is supposed to mean that worksheet copying to another location.

    Re: Tab order in excel

    Back tab is shift+tab, normally, but I'm sure that won't work with a defined tab order.

    IMO, tab order and back-tab order are related enough to continue this thread....but it's not my forum :) I whatever you feel like doing I guess.