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    Hi,.. how do I make a Excel file which has VBA code in it, upon being opened, to automatically Enable Macros. I just want to avoide that annony pop-up asking if you want to enable macro or not. However, I just want to disable this pop-up when I open this 1 specific excel file.


    in VBA, how can I find my current Row and Column cell address? I want to be able to , for example, first find which cell I am (let's say I am at Row 5 Col 4). then I want to go down 3 Rows (so Row 5 + 3 = Row 8)

    What in VBA is easiest to do?

    Hi got some help with my assignment:

    how can I create a dynamic pivot table?

    What this means is: lets say I have a table that has unknown number of rows, but fixed number of columns. How can I use VBA code to create a Pivot Table whose source data range will automatically adjust depends on how many rows are in the table?

    What this means is:

    ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Add(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _
            "'Merchandise Return Data Table'!R3C1:R46C8").CreatePivotTable _
            TableDestination:="'[GroupProjectD3.xls]Statistics Tmp Pivot'!R3C1", _
            TableName:="PivotTable2", DefaultVersion:=xlPivotTableVersion10

    How can I set the range of

    SourceData:= "'Merchandise Return Data Table'!R3C1:R46C8").CreatePivotTable"

    to be dynamically adjusted in VBA code?


    hi if I have some data such as:

    Customer Name Merchandise Return Code
    John 90
    May 85
    Mary 78
    Peter 90
    Rocky 78

    What is the easiest way to graph a histogram that shows frequency of each Merchandise Return Code. In the above data, it should show:

    Return Code Frequency
    90 2
    85 1
    78 2


    Hi I want to create a button button that zooms in by ten
    percent each time it is pressed (example: 75 > 85 > 95 percentages).

    When I record the macro, it reads:

    ActiveWindow.zoom = 75

    So it zooms to a specific %, instead of zoom in by a %.

    What can I do? Thanks