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    This is a table, named Table_1;

    Using VBA I want to create a hyperlink in the A column, with the Text "Link here".

    The address is located in the B column.

    The address is local, on the same hard drive.

    Then I want to delete the current B column, with the hyperlink still working.

    I want to do this for the entire A and B column.

    (I'm trying to help my colleague, and this is just a part of his question).

    Best regards :)

    - My Goal is to visualize when a person has been present on site

    I have a master table with headers; [A1]Date, [B1]Hours, [C1]Total_Date, [D1]Who, [E1]In/Out
    Here I enter each and every event in chronological order. This table is 500 rows long and filled with data at the moment.

    I want to visualize with a "simplified chart" for each and every name in the column [D1] when they have been on site.
    An example chart is inside the attached excel-file.

    (I cant to VBA sufficiently! This is just me thinking out loud!)
    For this to work I thought I could evaluate in the lines of;
    For [Who]
    is [Chart date] AND [Chart_time] in between [IN_x] and [OUT_x]
    then Current cell = "x"
    Else Do Nothing
    End if

    My attachment displays fake data and pre-filled out "simplified chart".
    Any help, using VBA or functions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

    Good day
    This is a VBA-question
    In a table, called "Table1" with four (4) headings and ten (10) rows (A1:D11) I would like to select the Table row of the active cell.
    I.e. If I place my marker in A4 the row A4:D4 would be selected.

    And no, the entire row can not be selected :(

    Best regards

    Right now I have a UserForm with multiple pages on. The different multipages are used to input different kinds of data onto different sheets in the workbook.
    When completed all data will be consolidated onto two sheets for printing.

    On first page of multipage I have a frame with printing options.
    Checkbox “cbSammanfattandeB”
    Checkbox “cbAlkoholP”

    1. I want the user to be able to chose what sheets to print, one or both.

    2. After printpreview I also want the checkboxes to be cleared (not checked). I have tried to use the “.Valus = False” but it wont clear the box…

    3. Can I set the button cmdPrintEvent to actually print the selected sheets without them being previewed? If so, can anybody hint about the code for that?

    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that, that was amost all I wanted to fix!
    1. Also, row 19, 26 and 33; I want to change the row height to 4.
    2. Also I want to change the way the cell borders are drawn. Check attached file findandfill04, sheet 2BPrinted, and then look at how the cell borders are drawn. Is that possible to do with VBA code?

    When this is done you have answerd all my questions for me!
    I am very greatful for all your work!
    THANK YOU! :yourock:

    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that
    The code from your post 11 works just as you describe!
    It wont delete any cells below on sheet 2BPrinted, and including, the cell that has a value and the font is set to bold.
    I don't eaven know if I dare to ask of you to help me out more with this sub anymore, and if you feal that you've done enough please dont answer this next question;

    I am trying to understand my self how to format the cells of the generated tables but right now its a whole new world to me.
    Im attaching an example of how the goal of the formatting should be.

    I didnt focus on this in the beginning of this thread because I didnt even think that I would get an answer for the issue of sorting and generating new tables...

    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that

    Below the summary tables created by sub test that you coded there will always be one part static text but also more tables that other sheets will generate. These tables will have number in them that are dynamic (cell references or values comming from a userform that I have made).
    The example text and example tables that are in the sheet NOW are only examples and not how it will acctually look in the end...
    I cannot send you any more, and better, example files until monday because the files are at work.... sorry.
    I hope that if you can figure a way around the issue of everything below B16 is being deleted when running sub test that you are willing to share your brilliant sollution with me :) I am very greatful for your help! Best regards from Sweden

    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that

    Here I have inserted some expamples of how test could be placed already in sheet "2BPrinted".
    The key question is, as I see it;
    1. How to not delete the text and tables already present in the sheet "2BPrinted" or
    2. How to after sub test in run insert the text and tables one or two rows below the last summary table created by sub test


    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that

    Jindon; I have tried your sub with changes to font size and it all works perfectly.
    Thank you.

    The one thing that might be an issue for me now is the fact that below the tables you helped me create on sheet "2BPrinted" are more tables, and more text and everytime I run the sub "test" that you made for me everything below row B16 is being removed.
    - Maybe you know how to keep cell values below B16 and just "insert new rows" or maybe the answer would be to write additional code that after sub test has finshed will paste from another sheet (lets call it 2BPasted) the remaining text that needs to be on 2BPrinted?

    Also, and this for you will be an easy question, I need to reduce the number of rows inbetween the summary tables from four to one row. :)
    I am very greatfull for your help!

    Re: Find one or multiple unique numbers, create table and do sum on category for that

    Thank. Will test tomorrow when at work.
    Next thing for me is to learn how to format the table that your code generates on the Reportsheet.
    I.e. the red lines wont be there in the end, and row height and font size must be corrected. I'll try to google it and hopefully find a good answer.
    If you have any tips for where to learn formatting through code it would be much appreciated. Especially row height and font size... :)

    I'm trying to develop a workbook that can take "raw" input data and then filter it into a predefined report sheet that will make the "raw data" understandable and make for allot easier reading for the recipient of that report.

    The raw input data should always contain one RefNo, a category and a total sum of that specific row inserted. That is right now not an issue.

    One sheet of this “raw” data usually contains one up to five different RefNo’s.
    I want to;
    1. Identify the different unique RefNo’s
    2. For each RefNo do SUM based on what category there are specified
    3. On a different sheet ("Report sheet") create one table for each unique RefNo defined in the "raw-data" sheet
    4. Insert the category based sums into corresponding RefNo table

    These category sums, all with the same RefNo, should then be inserted into a “Report sheet” and into a simplified table; a table of content so to speak. In my attached file the "simplified table" is marked with red outlines.

    Because of the fact that the “raw data”-sheet can contain one up to a multiple unique RefNo’s I can never build “empty” simplified tables on the report sheet to be filled, but instead I want to create one “table” for each unique RefNo from the “raw-data”-sheet.

    I have tried to implement the pivot table functions to do this but right now I am not aware of any way of exporting specific data to a specific cell and the issue with how many tables that should be created on the “report-sheet” still remains.

    I have learned allot during the last couple of weeks on this forum and I hope that someone with better knowledge of excel and/or VBA could give me a helping hand here.

    Please se attached file for further description of my problem.