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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to add some code in the following Function in order to keep the hyperlinks from the data i concatenated together, but can't figure out how to do it.

    Any tips is much appreaciated.

    Best Benjamin

    Re: Macro: Copy Cells To Another Workbook On Closing

    Hello Dave,

    Working on Excel 2010, I I tried to make good use of the code above but I believe something goes wrong. I modified :
    - name of the file
    - path folder
    - range to copy
    - The name of the sheet "Sheet1" with the codename of the Worksheet I have

    Here it's how it looks like :

    Is there a step missing ?
    Thanks for your help.



    I have been starting to use VBA for a few weeks and I am facing some difficulties to realize the following code :

    I want excel to look for each cell in a set range if it's empty. If yes, I want to fill it with a figure (let's say "1").

    Sounds easy but still I cannot find a right way to create it. Can anyone brings me some help ?