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    Re: Accessing word macros from excel

    I am getting a


    Run-time error '9':

    Subscript out of range

    and here's the code I was trying from above

    I click debug on the error window, and it highlights the 3rd my replacements line, with "da-ac"

    it may also help if I give some context as to what I am doing. I have about 40-50 pages of letters, documents, etc... in word that are now 1 file, and have generics (ie: [da-ac]) and an excel file where in A1, I have [da-ac] and the text I intend to replace it with in B1. Down to 13
    I've been struggling with writing this piece of code for a little over a month and a half now, so anything to point me in the right direction is appreciated more than you can imagine.

    For roughly a week now, I've been looking for a way to copy and past cells from excel to word. this is how my set up is supposed to work.

    1. I have a generic version of a document in word, and in it are things like "subject 1"
    2. in Excel I have a spread sheet that has something like cell a1 = "subject 1" then cell B1 = whatever the subject actually is

    I found and unsuccessfully tried multiple macros that will automatically replace the generic words in the word document with the specific words needed in the excel document. Doing the normal, find -> replace and repeat has been time consuming since there are roughly 22 cells of data that need to be searched and replaced in a 20 page document.

    I tried following This Link's instructions, but it seems that I am just having trouble understanding how to do this.