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    cannot find anything on line to address this:

    I have a string in cell A1, for example "the man on the street dmc12345 and then dmc4 followed by some dmc667777777 as a final"

    the result in another cell I would like to get is "dmc12345 dmc4 dmc667777777" or any part of the string that starts with dmc

    any help would be appreciated.


    I have a problem I cannot even begin to understand how to approach:

    I have text in a cell, for example: ABCD ABD

    How do you substitute characters with vba but capture it into an array so that the changes happen at once

    I want to replace A with a D every time in appears in the string. I also want to replace D with an B

    The problem is that as soon as I run the code to replace the A with a D, the original A's should not be treated as D's and be replaced again...I assume this means that the code must store the changes in an array and then output it in another cell once all changes are done at the same time?

    So result would be :


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Re: working in background

    Yes, but it depends on how the code is written.

    try adding in at the beginning

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    and at the end

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    Re: Entering Date in a column if another column value changes


    try this:

    in excel, click Alt +F11 this will get you into the VB editor

    on the left side you should see the list of all worksheets...double click on the worksheet which contains the data and paste in the following code, changing the ranges as commented below:

    Re: Make meeting entry in Lotus notes with excel macro

    Try code below where:

    EndTime = Cells(1, 2)
    ClientOwner = Cells(2, 2)
    ProcessOwner = Cells(3, 2)
    MSubject = Cells(4, 2)

    Re: Looking for similar text in 2 excel tables


    Suppose the look up reference you want to reference is in Sheet2 and the list is in column A, then create an extra column in the source table and put formula =LEFT(A2,4)

    Your checking table in your other sheet should have the list you want to verify in column A, and in column B type the following formula:



    Re: Looking for similar text in 2 excel tables



    I can't really tell from the file you posted whether this is on the same sheet or not, but this works for checking A2 cell from current sheet to A2 cell in Sheet2 for first 4 characters and an exact match.


    Re: Looking for similar text in 2 excel tables


    Why is Pippo saying no when it is present in the other sheet. also, when you say similar names, what does similar mean. Does the second word have to contain the entire first word in addition to other characters, a certain length of characters from the first word? There needs to be a specific criteria for the match to occur, they can't just be randomly similar.