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    Re: formula "INDIRECT" with dynamic column


    thanks mr fengore

    the testrun example you made gave me the perfect idea

    i changed the formula a little bit and it works perfect

    never would have solved the problem without that

    thanks very much!!!!

    used formula :


    this formula puts the value in cell M5 on sheet "scores" (if activerow = 5) in the cell with the formula above

    problem =
    i want to be able to change the "M" column to another column depending on a value that is somewhere else

    in detail :
    i made a score sheet for my students
    with scores on different tests
    taken on a certain date (testdate1)
    so test 1 in column K
    test 2 in column L
    test 3 in column M

    these tests are again in column N, O and P
    but these are taken on a different date (testdate2)

    i made a scoresheet to print out
    name of the student
    and then with
    the formula above for the score on test 3 in column M

    i want to use the same sheet as a template for the second date (and 4 more)
    so i want the score in column P now and later the ones in column X,...

    can i change the "M" to "P" to "X" knowing that i can have values 1,2,3,... in a certain cell refering to the dates on which the test where taken

    i've tried the "offset" but does not seem to work to change the column-character (this function works with specific ranges only i suspect)

    it should be something like
    column M on date 1
    column M + 3 on date 2 (because the same test on the second date is THREE columns further
    columm M + 6 on date 3
    column M + 9 on date 4

    but how can i "add" column numbers :?

    Re: Macro to open Word and Start Mail Merge


    i am very interested in the solution for your question about the mail merge directed from excel.

    i have a list of names and scores and would like to mail merge it to word without leaving excel

    (i try to control it by using a userform in excel)

    is there anywhere an example of such a excel macro or VBA code