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    I have been having MASSIVE trouble with this one:

    My program collects data from a worksheet such as:
    Emp ID
    Emp Name
    Next Review Date

    It loops through all entries, puts data onto a userform and then tries to work out is the "Next Review Date" is within the next 21 days, if so add data to another sheet, if not do nothing.

    the problem im having is how to check weather that date is between today and 21 days ago. I have the date data added on another sheet which uses formulas to work out if its with in the date range, BUT it inserts the date as text and thus the formulas dont work. and if i dont use the .text ( use .value instead ) it shows up as american format??

    I have search everywhere to find a solution, hope someone can help ( or understand what im trying to do haha )