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    I am trying to take an average of a list of data...But some of the cells are blank. I want to include the empty cells in my average formula range because depending upon other criteria the empty cells will be populated. However I don't want the Average formula to include the blank cells in the average when they are blank. Is there a way that I can do an IF formula combined with the Average formula that will only include cells when they have data in them? I have tried the AVERAGEIF but it doesn't work this way.

    How do I set up two separate groups of option buttons on the same user form. I want to be able to select an option from one group and an option from a different group. When I set up the option buttons they are all linked together so if I click on one it unchecks the previous selection.
    Thanks so much

    I have a textbox that I want to fill with a formula that references another text box on the same userform.
    This is what I have... but I want to have the number 11 be a variable so when I type in a value in Textbox1 then the formula will put the value of textbox1 in for the number "11"

    Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()
    TextBox2.Value = Evaluate("(11-(2*1.33))*2")
    End Sub