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    Re: Copy Subtotals to a new Sheet


    Ger Plante, the only formulas will be the subtotals, how would this help?

    //Robert[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]The macro did not work, screen flickered a while but to no effect.


    Re: Adding All The Subtotal Values In A Seperate Sheet

    Er, Yes I mean copying to another sheet, the sheet has the following apperance:

    Field A Field B[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Hum to fast with the submit button,
    What i meant was that field A has for example X in 5 rows and field B has 1 through 5, i.e. subtotal would say in field A X Total and field B would say 15 (1+2+3+4+5), so what I would like to copy is:
    X Total 15



    Hello All,

    I wonder if someone has a clever solution for the following, I have a spreadsheet where I have done subtotal on some of the figures, does anyone know how I can copy (and paste into a new sheet)only the rows where I have a subtotal?

    Cheers and thanx


    Re: Code Fails To Import Copied Sheet

    It seems that I have a flaw in my macro that I should have considered. I copy from a spreadsheet with an autofilter. I should have started the macro with showing everything in the autofilter as I had a filter applied that I should not have had. Back to the drawingboard.

    Thank you both Roy and Dave for your time and effort



    Hello all,

    I am a bit confused, I have created a macro some time ago that is an integrated part of an XLA. The Xla has worked fine but now, for some reason, the macro fails to import the specified text, it doesn't fail but nothing gets imported. I have tried solving this myself, but alas I am not bright enough :(
    The code is:

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hi all,

    I have a woorkbook where I have a cell that has the following apperance:


    The numbers can vary in length and as well as the text.

    What I am trying to do is to split this cell into to columns.

    Column 1 shows the account number, Column 2 should show the Text and the "-" sign should not be in any of the columns ie it should look something like this

    Column1 Column2
    12345678 ABCDEFG

    I have found a useful function for the first part thanx to Mikerickson

    Function midNumber(inputStr As String) As Double 
        Dim i As Long 
        For i = 1 To Len(inputStr) 
            midNumber = CDbl(Val(Mid(inputStr, i))) 
            If midNumber <> 0 Then Exit Function 
        Next i 
    End Function

    But how do i seperate the text and how do Crete a macro that would loop through some 2000 rows and create a column A and B from Column A?

    Thankful for any help.


    Hi all,

    I got a problem that I cannot seem to solve, I want to retrieve values from 2 closed workbooks, I have with the help of this forum managed to create some VBA that retrieves the values from one of the workbook. What do I need to think of,to be able to put in the values from the second spreadsheet without the values disapearing from the "master" spreadsheet? Any help is welcome ...

    The code so far:



    Re: Loop Fails To Remove Value

    Aha, see what you mean, trying remove from bottom down, has its downsides..

    I tried this and it works:




    Hi all,

    This is probably very easy for everyone, but I cannot see what I am doing wrong in this macro, could anyone help me to see where/what I am doing wrong?

    I am trying to remove values in column D if the value in anyone of the rows in column D is zero, here is the macro, for some reason it only removes some of the zeros, if I run it multiple times it eventuelly removes all the zeros:



    Re: Eliminate Rows Based On The Sum Of The Total Quantity

    Quote from venkat1926

    I need some more help . I am not clear what is meant by "fulfilment". can you use some arithmetical expression like < or >. I have sent back the first part of your sheet with a hclper column H(see the formulas in that column).now you give little more clarification why a certain row is to be removed or kept with amendment.

    Hi Vnekat1926,
    What I am trying to do basically is to build an inventory where some parts are matched and as such should be removed from the inventory. I have toyed with the idea of using subtotals starting from the bottom going upwards. When the subtotal > the total Quantity the macro should eliminate the unnecessary rows.

    Hi all,

    I have a question for all you hacks out there. I have attached an example of what I want to do, but in short what I want to do is eliminate rows based on the sum of the total quantity. Trying to explain this further in words will probably cause more confusion than it will help. I have posted an example that is pretty easy to follow and that explains the problem in depth.

    Thankful for any help what so ever.



    Re: Find In Vba Fails


    Found the problem with some help, the table has links and therefore the value cannot be defined with the value that I specified.


    Hi all,

    Wonder if someone has run into the same problem that I have. Basically I am defining a value in vba that I want to find in a sheet but for some reason the code fails. The error message is "Object variable or with block variable not set".
    Can anyone see why?

    r=is equal to todays date ie 2007-03-20, that is a date on the penultimate sheet.


    Re: Primary Keys

    Quote from mudraker

    I don't understand how you are trying to concatenate - is it via a query you ar trying to setup.

    What is the table name that holds the 2 columns that you want to concatenate?
    What are the 2 column names?

    What is the table and column names you are trying to put the concatenate result into?

    I am trying to concatenate in a table ie a field in the table. The table name is Tbl_Test, the column names are Column1 and Column2.
    The table is the same table ie Tbl_Test and the column names are Column1 and 2 respectively.