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    Re: Financial Function : Price

    Hello Infinity,
    Filo65 is partially right. But Act/Act has a funny quirk to it considering all the future cash flows and the accrued part. I have had som issues with this myself and if you want I could post an example...

    Re: Workbook change

    Hum it does not seem to work for me. I put the macro in ThisWorkbook object but it only displays do you want to save changes and if I press yes then it brings up the same window again and again and again...
    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello all,
    I am working in workbooks that are highly dependent on if any change is made in the workbook then the book needs to be saved in a new version. Is there a way to accomplish this without setting the book as read only?

    Re: Saving files based on codes

    Why not use a vlookup to your data with two sepereate sheets one for US and one for UK?

    Re: Seperating Text from numbers

    No there is just one hgus393, that is me, myself and I. Yeah it look very similar does it not.. I should have pasted the link to the previous post ..sorry!

    Re: cut & paste

    Ok what about this?


    Re: Seperating Text from numbers

    I think I spoke to soon, this works if there is a space between the letters and the numbers. What if there is no space? How could I seperate them then?


    Re: Removing text from a cell leaving only values

    Thank you ever so much - looking at your code makes me understand how little I understand ...

    Thx Robert

    Re: insert new sheets in numical order form a routine

    Try this!

    Private Sub Example_Click()
    Sheets("ORDER 000.001").Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
    End Sub


    Re: Copy and paste without clipboard to another book

    Yeah, noticed that too, ran a timer function on your example the first code (the slow one) ran in 0,5 seconds while the copy paste method ran in !! 0,0001 seconds??
    Check it out: