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    Re: Distances and DriveTimes

    I think i am missing something simple. I tried adding the extra code as a command button. just used the code here. Then tried adding straight into the VB for a blank sheet. Tried adding it as a module. I think i am missing on were to add the second bit of code really.

    Sorry very new to this level of spreadsheets.

    Many thanks


    Re: Distances and DriveTimes

    I am trying to get this to work and have inputed the above into a module. The top part only. I have tried "=GetTimeAndDistance(A5,A13)" and just get a #value error. Do i need to use the second part and were would i put this? A5 and A13 is my 2 postcodes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many Thankls

    So I have a table with 4 columns and 12 rows

    Column 1 is a list of planet Sizes Very Tiny, Tiny, Very Small, Small, Average, Large, Very Large, Massive, Very Massive, Collosal, Mega Collosal.

    Row 1 is Normal, Small Moons, Large Moons.

    The table then has different numerical values based on the size of the planet and whether it has moons or not.

    The size and moons or not is based on two dropdown menus in other cells.

    What I am looking for is the size number based on the table.

    So I looked at the index function but cant figure out how to identify the column and row number based on the Names defined by the other cells.

    Re: Multiple Cell results based on another cell

    I tried that one. not sure was using it right. I made a table in the lists sheet with numbers and put =IF(PlanetDesigner[Type]="Barren",Lists!I3,0) SO this will return a result of two.

    Is there a way to add a second IF function to the cell so like =IF(PlanetDesigner[Type]="Toxic",Lists!I4,0) which would return a result of 3 from the numbers table??

    Re: Multiple Cell results based on another cell

    I have attached the sheet.

    The buildings name drop down list picks buildings to go on the planet and the following columns fill from the table in sheet 3, most buildings not a problem but with the adaptive spire the production values change based on the type of planet (seperate drop down list) from the top of sheet.

    Not sure how to input this in. Think I will need to do a new table just for the adaptive, could hide that in the lists sheet. but was wondering if there was another way

    Hi this is the setup i have.

    I have a dropdown menu to define planet types as below

    Oceanic, etc

    Then I have a table which i am trying to populate with buildings on the planet. the first column is the building name (a drop down list based on the buildings table below). Then the next is the amount of minerals it produces (dragged across from the buildings table).

    I have another table that I am putting all the building info into.

    The issue I have is that one building has a different production value based on the planet type. Toxic 2 Barren 3 etc.

    Which formula do I use? Or do i need to make another table for the building?

    so basically i have a master Product work book with different sheets for each product type. Each product sheet has a named dynamic table that expands as i add items. the table has 3 colums: 1) Product 2)code 3)price

    In my other workbook i have two drop down menus menu 1 is a list of product types and menu 2 is a list of products from the type selected in menu 1. I then have two further columns in which i would like the correct code to transfer to this column and then the correct price to transfer to the next column.

    I have set up the drop downs. In the 2nd workbook i have a sheet list which is just one column with a list of product types (Ie sheet names from the product workbook). I have then set up names in the second workbook that point to the 'Actual Product' column in the correct table based on selection of menu 1. Thus giving me only the products that relate to the group on selection one. I managed to do this via google searchs.

    I found something that seems to do what i want in another post on here but the tables for that are in the same sheet and lined up and mine are on different wqorksheets and in a different workbook the link to that post is here

    Any idea on how i want to go about doing this. I expect its basically a vlookup with some form of indirect table array formula.