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    Re: Self Destruct Workbook After Not Logging In Within 30 Days

    Dunno if it's what you're after, but you could try Orlandos Excel to Exe (it's free)

    Re: Is there a way to show more tabs?

    Sub ActivateSheet()
        On Error GoTo PopUp    '< error = not enough sheets for 'MoreSheets'
        CommandBars("Workbook Tabs").Controls("More sheets...").Execute
        Exit Sub
        CommandBars("Workbook Tabs").ShowPopUp
    End Sub

    Re: After Printing, the Macro Works Very Slow

    Quote from yoav_b

    Hello again,
    If these are two diffrerent forums, I wasn't cross posting my quastion...
    so I don't understand...

    cross posting refers to posting the same question ANYwhere else on the internet.

    Helpers on various forums do so voluntarily so please don't waste their time by posting a question that may already have been answered on another forum by the time they get around to answering it.

    Where a particular forums rules permit cross-posting, the least you can do is inform them that it has been cross-posted and give a link to it so they can check whether or not you already have a solution before they respond. (If you don't, helpers that visit numerous sites will pick up on it and report it - this is sufficient to get you banned from some forums) : D

    Re: insert xl worksheet into body of an email.

    The problem is that you've declared myshape As Shape and then you have this line of code below that



    myshapes is an undeclared variable - remove the last "s" and it should work...


    Re: insert xl worksheet into body of an email.

    Have a look here - Emails text/data portion only and requires Outlook (other examples on the site)

    or here - Emails everything and uses default emailer (other examples on the site)

    To send part of a sheet you could perhaps create a temporary sheet and paste the range you want to send, mail it, then delete the temp sheet :)

    Re: Expiring workbooks

    Sorry, that wont work - to get rid of the formulas replace the first bit of the code given above with...

    With .ActiveSheet
                                  With Cells
                                        .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
                                  End With
                                  .Name = SheetName
                            End With

    John :)