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    I didn't understand, Are you saying if the date that they click on is Weekend then a message needs to show? If that's the case then add this into code for sheet "VerlofKalender Sjabloon"

    Data Validation lists are basically just cells from where you can select your value. So the way to change the font size is the same way as you would normally from the home tab in Excel. So you can either record a macro & modify it or use below code sample & modify it

    Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Font.Size = "11"

    theres 2 ways to do it. either format cell as text & enter date as text. or change number format of cell to dd-mm-yy. both examples below

    try this

    add the year argument since you're doing countifs

    CFortyfive = WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(Sheets("Archive").Range("A3:A10000"),Month(Now),Sheets("Archive").Range("A3:A10000"),Year(Now))

    To save the address and in a cell & then reuse it lets use A1 as our cell that will hold the address & then take the address from cell value. Test it by opening a blank sheet, click on a random cell somewhere then run the macro line by line to see what it does

    I have 1 simple question. Are you using a userform or not? If you're using a userform then the cell address can be saved as a global variable and then referenced to when next is run. Otherwise if you're just using them as normal macros then you'll need to first store the cell address somewhere on the sheet in a given cell, then reference to the cell value to get your address back when next is run

    Test this. It copies all data & then does remove duplicates for columns A to H in DeliveryProb. Based only on using Columns A to F for remove duplicates.