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    Dear All

    I have an unusual situation which is best explained by way of an attached example.

    In summary adding and subtracting four cells containing integer values outputs an unexpected non-integer value, which should in fact be zero.

    The situation is best explained by way of example which I attach to this post.

    Basically, Cell E1 should be zero.

    Can anyone explain why it is not zero and how I can resolve this problem?



    I have a large range (A30:L5672) of data. Each cell in column C contains one of 25 different record labels (text) which groups my data into 25 different groups. Column H contains test scores. I want to calculate the standard deviation of the test scores for each of the groups of data without restructuring my range of data. Does anyone know how to do this, perhaps using array formulas or excel's database functions? I'd appreciate assistance. Thanks. Ben