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    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
    Dim r As Range
    For Each r In Range("A1:A20")
        r.EntireRow.Hidden = r.Value = "ciao"
    End Sub

    try this (in sheet module)

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
    If Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A20")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Target.EntireRow.Hidden = Target.Value = "ciao"
    End Sub

    Ok, try again

    try this

    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    Dim wsh As Worksheet, x(), k&
    ReDim x(1 To 21, 1 To 1)
    For Each wsh In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
        If InStr(wsh.Name, "Course") Then k = k + 1: x(k, 1) = wsh.Name
    Next wsh
    Range("B10:B30").Value = x
    End Sub

    Hi Beaulieup,
    try this

    try moving the line like this

    Re: Disable MsgBox when using call Macro name

    maybe just this

    Re: Deleting Groups of Like Rows where a no negative value exists in a specific colum

    Hi DGWin,
    try it

    Re: Expand number ranges, sort, then compress to number ranges

    Hi AustinBrister,
    maybe something like this

    Re: Splitting multiple worksheet

    or maybe try this

    Re: Splitting multiple worksheet

    try to replace this block

    w = Application.Index(.Item(e).items()(i)(1).ToArray, 0, 0) .Item(e).items()(i)(2).Copy wb.Sheets(.Item(e).keys()(i)).Cells(1)
    wb.Sheets(.Item(e).keys()(i)).[a4] _
             .Resize(UBound(w, 1), UBound(w, 2)).Value = w

    with this one

    .Item(e).items()(i)(2).Copy wb.Sheets(.Item(e).keys()(i)).Cells(1)
    w = Application.Index(.Item(e).items()(i)(1).ToArray, 0, 0)
      If .Item(e).items()(i)(1).Count > 1 Then
         wb.Sheets(.Item(e).keys()(i)).[A2] _
            .Resize(UBound(w, 1), UBound(w, 2)).Value = w
         wb.Sheets(.Item(e).keys()(i)).[A2] _
            .Resize(, UBound(w)).Value = w
      End If

    Re: find repeating number sequence in a column

    Hi dunc1234,
    try this

    Re: Group row based on a cell value

    Hi alexpantex,
    try this

    Re: loop for Conditional Formatting Shapes based on value VBA

    Hi Voytech,
    try this