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    Re: Separating Mixed Data in Cell

    ah .. damn, no go on some of the lines .. here how they look.

    654321.6000 GBP Manorwood Farm, Expensiveville (0shgd)Mary Margaret654321Team Contra (22)
    456789.6001 Mort Data Retrieve, (2234450)John Smith456789Executive (23)

    so it doesn't have CRE, it has a close Bracket.
    And doesn't have GBP .. so would need to look at all data after the .6000 or .6001

    Re: Separating Mixed Data in Cell

    Jindon .. YOU ROCK!
    That is superb!

    I dont understand it but I have been able to alter it slightly to do other lines that done have 100% identical markers.

    Thanks HEAPS!

    Hi all,

    I need some help with possible LEFT and RIGHT or GET (maybe haha) function which may result in some fancy coding.

    I have a lines of data in a cell that came from a report we can alter how the data comes into a spread sheet.
    Here is an example of 2 lines now sitting in Column A

    123456.4000 GBP 1 Test Street, Testville IS.CREJohn Citizen123456Executive (01)
    654321.6000 GBP Manorwood Farm, Expensiveville IS.CREMary Margaret654321Team Contra (22)

    What I am trying to do is to separate it into 4 columns

    Column B - I can get 123456 from the front part using =LEFT(A1,6) but I need the rest.
    Column C - Everything from GBP to CRE, GBP 1 Test Street, Testville IS.CRE
    Column D - Evertying between CRE and the 123456 which I already have in column 1, John Citizen
    Column E - Everything after the 123456, Executive (01)

    I am not sure if this can be done within the cell or whether it is VBA coding, but would LOVE some help on this. My powers of separation are weak at best.



    Good afternoon all,

    I have 7 pages in a multipage, not all are enabled at any given time.
    Each page has a 'Next' button on it to take the user to the next page.

    Depending on the scenario, pages remain disabled yet I can not seem to find the code that will allow the button to go to the next enabled page.

    I have tried a few codes, but none seem to work out

    Someone suggested this code, but if the page is disabled, it enables it to take you there.

    iPageNo = MultiPage1.Value - 1
        MultiPage1.Pages(iPageNo).Visible = True
        MultiPage1.Value = iPageNo

    I am just after a 'Next' button code that will take the user to the Next Enabled Multipage.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :)

    Re: Save All and Quiit all open Word Documents

    Sub CloseAll()
    Dim objWord As Object
        Set objWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
    End Sub

    I have this so far, which asks if you want to save all those documents that are open if there are any changes, but I need the code to save all automatically, then close

    Good afternoon all,

    I have played with a few different codes now to close all open word documents from my excel workbook.
    So far, I can close all, without any hassel.

    What I can't seem to find is a way to make sure that all open word documents are saved before word quits.
    I would just like to put a CloseAll command on the userform.

    Any thoughts?


    Good afternoon all,

    I know this is a simple one, I thought I had the code in my box of goodies, but I can't seem to find it OR, can't seem to get one that works.

    Basically, I have a sheet, 'Dec 14' that we input data for files. In column 'F', we put the staff member who the line is allocated to.
    What I am after now is how to generate a list of those staff members on another sheet for reporting.

    So on sheet 'Stats - team', running down column 'B' I would like to run a list for the names.
    I have done this before but can not find the file I used.

    The names on 'Stats - team' would then grow automatically should another sataff member be allocated that wasn't allocated previously.

    Hope this makes sense :)


    Re: Copy Cell Value to Userform TextBox

    ok .. just kept testing it and something really weird is happening.

    When I click in the cell, it does what it is supposed to do, but the target value is the file I clicked on before.

    So, I open my file, click in the cell, and it doesnt paste into it. So I close it down and click on another file and it pastes the value of the first file I clicked in.

    I have added the code to clear the clipboard, but it is not pasting the cell I just clicked in.


    Good morning all,

    I have a userform that my staff use to enter the files they are working on.
    I have a button they click to launch the userform, then they need to input a 'Track Number' the access the details of the file.

    Currently, they enter the track number manually that they see from a list on a sheet.

    I have found the code below that enables them to click on the file, listed on the sheet and it automatically launches the userform.
    What I am after, is the next step, it copies the track number in the cell they click in, but I would like the code to PASTE into the first textbox the copied Track Number.

    Any ideas?


    Re: Insert Userform Data into Outlook Template Bookmark

    I can not upload the excel workbook as the file size is too big. And the oft file says it's invalid in your upload window.

    I can insert a bookmark into the template, and when I generate the email from the Excel Workbook, the bookmark is still there in the email.

    I just need a way to get data from my TextBoxes into the body of the email.
    It's done easily in a word document, so I figure there has to be a way in Outlook.

    Can the body of an email be reference from a word document maybe?

    Good morning all,

    I have some code that allows me to auto generate an outlook email template for my users.

    I have been looking for code that will allow me to insert certain userform data into the bookmarks I have set within the email.
    I have found many sites on how to put code into a Word Document, but none that would allow inserting into an email.
    I tried to play around with the code, but cant massage it to fit outlook instead of word.

    Can this be done?

    Re: Create ComboBox List from Data Search

    hi royUK,

    Sorry, after I posted this request I added some columns.

    So what I need is a way that user can input the UMRN of a customer into a text box on my user form, and in a combo box, have a list of all the files that belong to that customer.

    UMRN is stored in 'N'. So once the UMRN is entered, the combo box will populate with Column A and Column B ( as I am aware that you can create a combo list with two fields.

    Does this help?

    Good afternoon all,

    There are many sites showing you how to fill data into a ComboBox.
    What I am looking for is how to fill it will data that isn't a list store in Names.

    Here's what I have in a sheet 'FOI References':

    Column 'Q' is where a Customer number is stored, a UMRN
    Column 'A' is a consequtive file number allocated to each file
    Column 'D' is the date the row/file was created

    I have a Textbox where a user will enter a UMRN number. THe UMRN can appear several times as we have repeat Customers.

    What I am after, is a way to enter the UMRN into the Textbox, then have a search function that will look at Row 'Q' where the UMRN numbers are stored and create a list in a comboBox using Column 'A' and Column 'D' values for each row that contains that UMRN.

    I hope this makes sense. I am sure it is just my search words that I am not getting quite right that is preventing me from getting a hit on how to do it.

    Thanks :)