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    Re: how can i organize my macro which got told having a length too long by excel

    Thanks for your concern :)

    Well, after I post, I though I could just add columns to reduce the length of the codes in some cells.
    And Yes my Excel version is from the UK. Many country get many different syntax. I am French and when I look for some tips on French web site, I need afterwards to check for the UK equivalent term. I was wandering why there was some code with "," in English and I did not though that USA got it another way than the UK. It is good to know. I will read the forum rules to know how to use it and if I cannot get through with my application I will post it here for help. It is a form for tournament (WFB). I should try to get some article about the way of using excel. The book I got is not about design, just about how to get on with excel.