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    Re: Protecting a cell using VBA

    I kind of figured that that would be the answer. I just wrote around it. I basically made a refreshsheet function that rewrites the appropriate functions and copies them down the appropriate columns or across the appropriate rows whenever it's triggered. The triggering event then is when the cell before the current active cell was one of those cells with a function. For rewriting the functions (almost 850 of them), copying them all, and recalculation, it's surprisingly quick. I started to just copy over the one cell that was active, but then found that if a series of cells were deleted, I couldn't find a way to save the range that was chosen before a new cell became active. I think I walked around the block to get next door, but it works well.

    Thanks for the input!

    I have a spreadsheet with a column of formulas that sums up a series of cells to the right of the column. The problem is that someone is changing those values. I tries protecting the cells/worksheet, but I then found out that there is an unprotect xla file that is floating around the office that must have been used to unprotect my sheet, and screw it up again. I'm guessing that whoever is doing this isn't noticing that the math is being done for him or her, because the number entered is always just about the average cell more than what it should be.

    How can I disable keyboard input, or allow input that doesn't "stick", to specific rows, columns, and cells?

    I have a spreadsheet with about 70 columns. Picture names across the top row, and jobs, and job information in the first 5 columns. The number of hours associated with a name and a job in the middle. the page is split right after the job information. By clicking on a cell with a name, the whole page is sorted by hours. The problem is that when sorting by a name, I'd like that column to scroll left so that it is adjacent to the split. Any ideas?