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    Hi guys,

    how could i get rid of a #Value displaying on my formula, even my formula is correct, but i wonder if i leave a blank rows it gives me this "#VALUE". I wanted to display in my formula just a blank if the other is blank. here my formula:
    =(DATEDIF(I12,J12,"m")+1)this is in cloumn K. however, if Column I is blank, it gives me #VALUE, how to display just a blank row?

    thanks guys,

    Re: February Has 28 Date Part 2

    ok, ill try it, thanks: D

    I Have tried it that way, you have a point. but what i need is that i have to elimanate due dates with 31, they will count as 30, i.e.
    i have a due date which is Jan. 31, it will count as jan. 30,

    show like this

    jan, 30, 2006
    feb. 28, 2006
    mar. 30, 2006
    apr. 30, 2006 and so on...

    i hope you get my point.
    but yor formula is good.

    Re: Formatting A Date

    Yes they Same Day, with the following month. that is a case for a computation of insurance. Thats is why it should be Precise. :)

    Re: Formatting A Date

    i did use all kinds of date formula but i cant find the exact one i need.
    i need the return dates would be running but with fixed day.

    Re: Formatting A Date

    [COLOR="Red"]Return Date [/COLOR] Payment Number Principal Amount

    1/30/06 1 1,496.72
    2/28/06 2 1,385.55
    3/28/06 3 1,274.21
    4/25/06 4 1,162.69
    5/23/06 5 1,050.99
    6/20/06 6 939.12
    7/18/06 7 827.06
    8/15/06 8 714.83

    return date formulas
    =IF(B20=0,"",DATE(YEAR(A19),MONTH(A19),DAY(A19)+28)), but its not what i need. i need the dates follow the day of 1/31/06 down to 8/15/06.
    it would shows like this,
    5/30/06 and so on...

    im sorry if i did confuse you, thanks anyway

    Hi Guys,

    i am having a trouble doing my new project, im using a amortization table, there is no probelm with the amortizatin but i do have in dates. it goes like

    ie, i have a buyer his/her due dates is 1/15/07, the trouble is that how could i format the next due date which is would be 2/15/07, 3/15/07.
    i hope you guys understand it. thanks

    hi guys,

    i am having a problem on my project, in which i am using a lookup formula. but, it works only for 1 Account others having trouble to correspond the right result. here's my example :
    Main Page Look like this

    [COLOR="blue"]Vendor No. [/COLOR] Name T. Price [COLOR="red"]Due[/COLOR]P4B7L9 John Doe 450000
    P9B6L8 John Wayne 500000
    P6B8L12 John Fulse 125000

    Where i Used in Column [COLOR="Red"]Due[/COLOR] is to Lookup for [COLOR="Blue"]Vendor No.[/COLOR] with the other sheet of database with the right result.

    some of it is not correctly returning the correct amount.

    i hope you could help me with this guys, thanks

    hi guys need help having trouble

    how can i make a code in which it will post using if.

    in column a1 is my due date : march 3, 2006
    in column b1 is my due amount : 3000

    in column e1 is : will post amount due if exceeded my due date by 30 days
    in column f1 is : will post amount due if exceeded my due date by 60 days
    in column 91 is : will post amount due if exceeded my due date by 90 days

    thanks guys for any help.