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    just to see if I am tracking here. You have a list/table of orders, somewhere else you have a list /table of inventory. You want a piece of code that will look at the list of orders and compare that to your inventory and the populate the table you put up as sample. Is that correct?

    I may not be stating what I want to do properly, and that is why I cannot find an existing thread to help me out here. I have a simple table. Y represents a current running item, X is the next item to use/run. It takes different amount of times to go from one to the other. I am using an "INDEX" formula to see the times. By taking the items and rearranging them, I can get a shorter time to run everything (Scenario A vs Scenario B in my sheet). Is there a way with VBA to evaluate every possible scenario and find the best arrangement with the shortest total time?

    I have attached an example. I am not asking anyone to write a code for me just point in the right direction, or better yet, an existing thread on here that might help me out.

    Please and Thank you