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    Re: macro to insert current date with specific format

    Hi Roy. I have attached a workbook as an example. I have a double click feature which inserts the date correctly, which I use on other pages. I then have a command button that inserts the current date, which has been the problem since the start of this month. I have tested it on different workbooks on different computers and get the same problem. I have double checked the regional settings and they are as they should be.

    Re: macro to insert current date with specific format

    Hi Roy. I formatted the cell as general, when when I ran the macro it automatically changed the format to d-mmm, and the value in the cell was shown as
    9-Jan. Even if I wanted this format, I cant understand why it is showing d as the month and mmm as the day. It should show 1-Sep in this format??

    Hi. I am using the following code so when I click on a command button the current date is placed in a cell with a specific format.

    Range("I3") = Format(Date, "dd/mm")

    It was working fine for August. As soon as the month changed to september the format switched around. The things that I tried to correct the problem was to format the cell, and I checked the regional settings, which were correctly set to Australia. The only thing that worked was to change the code to:

    Range("I3") = Format(Date, "mm/dd")

    Can someone explain why the date format would have switched around. I want the format to read for example the 1st of september as 01/09.

    When I use

    Range("I3") = Format(Date, "dd/mm")

    I get 09/01
    When I use

    Range("I3") = Format(Date, "mm/dd")

    I get 01/09

    Re: Reduce PDF file size

    It's the text box that I put in there. I deleted the text box and it drops the file size down from 100kb to 8kb. That's annoying because I really need to keep the text box in there. Unless, is there a way of wrapping text in a cell and when you press enter on the keyboard you get a new line instead of moving to the next cell?

    when saving a worksheet to pdf through excel 2010 the file size is about 100kb. I would like to reduce this in a hope to speed up the CDO email with attachment process. Can anyone tell me how the file size can be reduced when I saveas pdf.

    Re: Speed up excel when selecting Sheets

    Hi LocalPeople.
    On one of the workbooks i tried deleting the picture and that did fix the problem. The picture is small and I really need it on the worksheet. Is there anyway to fix the problem without getting rid of the picture?

    Hi. I have some workbooks that when first opened, it takes a long time (5 seconds) for a specific worksheet to open when selected. After the initial delay the sheet will open as normal when selected. Is there something I can do to fix this problem?

    Re: problem with Range.Value = Range.Value

    I made separated the code to fix the problem. But could I have used then:

    Sheets("Drafts").Range("P10:R10, W10:Y10").Value = Sheets("Drafts")Range("I10:K10").Value

    Or would this still give me the same problems?

    I am puzzled, because I am pretty sure this was working before, but now I find a problem. The problem I am having is that range I10:K10 gets copied over to P10:R10 OK, but range W10:Y10 only takes the value of I10. Any help would be appreciated. Same thing happens with the third row.

    Sub MoveWeights80()
    Range("P10:R10, W10:Y10").Value = Range("I10:K10").Value
    Sheets("Post80").Range("E6:G6").Value = Sheets("Drafts").Range("I10:K10").Value
    Range("P12:R12, W12:Y12").Value = Range("I12:K12").Value
    Sheets("Post80").Range("E8:G8").Value = Sheets("Drafts").Range("I12:K12").Value
    Application.GoTo ActiveSheet.Range("O1"), Scroll:=True
    End Sub

    Hi. I have the code below which I need to change so it lists the file names down the column on the active worksheet starting at Range("A110").

    At the moment it insterts a new worksheet and list the file names starting at A2, also I do not need "The files found in " & objFolder.Name & "are:"

    Also could someone tell me what the code under 'clean up' is doing.

    Re: Save in specific folder with specific name based on cell values

    This was solved on MrExcel. Thanks.

    Sub Macro1()
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    ChDir "C:\My Dropbox\Archive\" & CStr([F10])
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "C:\My Dropbox\Archive\" & CStr([F10]) & "\" & CStr([F9]) & ".xlsm", 52
    Exit Sub
    MkDir "C:\My Dropbox\Archive\" & CStr([F10])
    Resume Next
    End Sub

    Hi. Can someone please help me with a macro that will 'save as' a file in a folder based on F10 with a file name based on F9

    as an example:
    F10 cell value is 08 (value in cell is a formula)
    F9 cell value is RTM CG-2 050812 (value in cell is a formula)
    The directory is C:\My Dropbox\Archive\

    so I would like the file directory will end up as C:\My Dropbox\Archive\08\RTM CG-2 050812.xlsm

    Thanks for you help.