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    Over the years I have always found what I needed eventually by searching, I have some code I have been using and it works spectaculary, and after hours i cant seem to get it right

    But I would Like to take it one step farther, I need it to take the file name and add a column

    IE it currently goes through each file in a folder and pulls 2 columns from it and pastes those into excel moving to right as it goes througg say 500 files
    it currently puts the file name above the last column which has worked great until i want to manipulate the date easier.


    So if possible I was wondering if anyone knew how to change my code so that it will have the "name of text file" then the 2 columns, then repeat like it does now

    Actually another thing that would be great is, instead of being across like it is, add the name of the text file and just have 3 rows going downward instead of Left to right like now, so i can make a pivot table, not sure which way i would like best but either is great

    Anyway i hope i have explained it enough

    here is my code