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    Below is a sub to lookup andtransfer certain cells that fit a criterion. I am trying to get it to run for all cells in the range of 20 cells specified by the 1to 20 range. This only works for the lower most cells. Any hep or better way to approach?


    Re: VBA recognizing cell value

    Update on the problem:

    After more tinkering, the problem is not recognizing thecell value itself, but rather the cell value that was picked from a drop down list.

    The previous version had teh drop down, but I added insurance and it caused the problems.


    I have a VBA chunk that recognizes a value in cell 'E9' and based off of that it runs other macros. I added an additional "elseif" and now it will not recognize any value in E9 and returns the message box.

    The new lines are bolded.

    Any suggestions or comments?

    I am working with a simple net worth workbook. People are able to enter in an entry sheet and it is populated in another sheet by a macro specific to the category that they chose.

    It has always worked fine, but now it doesn't. The individual macros work fine, but i only recieve the message box response when i run the following:

    Any suggestions or possible reasons?

    Thank you very much in advance

    Before I get started, I know that this is a simple pivot table task and there is no reason to expect an easy solution to the issue. The solution is for a excel hating coworker who needs as little work on her end as is possible.

    I have a master worksheet That contains names and account numbers. I also have a worksheet that contains account numbers and withdrawals. I am trying to use a combination of vlookup, match, sum, etc. to look up the account numbers in the withdrawal sheet and sum up the withdrawls and display them in the master.

    any suggestions or should I force my coworker to learn how to use pivot tables?


    Re: Filling Cells with Formulas

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I guess the problem I am having does not invlove those references. Referring back to the code, I am trying to have the '5' in the hlookup increase as I fill or the equivilant.

    I am trying to fill a range of 400 cells with the following formula (not VBA but thought it would help to tag it):


    I would like to know if there is something that I can do to have the hlookup row reference increase as I fill so as I drag down the next cell returns the corresponding cell in the array.


    Re: SUMIF Across Multiple Pages

    Sorry, I have been out of town and have not checked the board. The problem that I was having involed exported data from another application.

    I didn't realized it at first, but there were 2 or three spaces afetr the lookup values. I just had to trim() the values and it worked.

    Check your cells palace and see if everything is the exact same

    I am using a SUMIF to reference an array that contains the range and the sum_range from a sheet that contains the criteria. It doesn't work. I only get 0.

    When I use all three inputs off of the referenced sheet, it works. Is this the only way it will work, or can I somehow make life easier with a different way of approaching this?



    Re: Offset Vlookup



    My lookup value is actually in B2 on the form and in column A on the base sheet, but i just switched that around and added a few little things for validation and it works great!

    Thanks again,


    Re: Offset Vlookup

    =cell("address",VLOOKUP($B$2,'Base Sheet'!$A$1:$Z$266,12,FALSE))

    I tried that and returned an error in teh formula. is there another way?