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    Re: Is this possible?


    oh my! you lost me there! is that the only possible way??? as you can imagine, this is not a professional thing and I'm doing it out of pure pleasure, so to speak. But learning VBA to just use the arrows is way too much, I think.

    I'm thinking out loud here:
    isn't there any simple command such as:

    if movieXXX is > then ↑
    if movieXXX is < then ↓
    if movieXXX is = then --

    HI there,

    I'm a 100% newbie and I really don't know how to search the required info for this.

    Here's the thing: I'm using Excel to create a very simple chart where movies are ranked. So far so good. I update the info once a week and I order it according to the users' votes (in a Spanish forum). I wanted to improve the chart somehow and tried to use arrows (up arrow and down arrow) to show the movies' rank change during the week, but I'm doing that manually, that is, if a movie goes from 15 to 20, I use a down arrow to show the movie got bad votes during the last week. Of course, that's a really slow, tiresome method.

    So my question is pretty simple: is there any EASY command to tell Excel to put an arrow when a movie changes in the rank?

    I'm attaching an image of the rank so this is easier to visualize:
    [Blocked Image:]