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    I am haveing trouble returning a value for a formula in excel , it may be a simple solution but I can not seem to find an answer on other excel help sites.

    I have a calculation in one cell and I need to use the value returned in that cell to determine what needs to be populated in the next cell.

    In cell AK2 I have the following formula: =IFERROR((AH2-AI2-AJ2)&"","")

    I am trying to put the following formula in cell AL2: =IF(AK2="","",IF(AK2=3,"3",IF(AK2=2,"2",IF(AK2=1,"1",IF(AK2=0,"1")))))

    I am assuming the issue has to do with the formula in cell AK2 because, if I clear out the formula in cell and just replace it with a number, the formula works.