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    I have a workbook where I want to verify data put into it before the work book is closed. I have a working Before_close event setup to check data in the workbook...but I can't seem to break out of it after the check is done. I had thought that a module level boolean would allow me an external loop control, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    The format I enivision is such:


    Check data

    if data is good
    Close workbook
    Show error message


    I've stepped through the execution and everytime it gets to the CLOSE WORKbook section, it basically starts over. How do I get it to check the data and if the data is good, only run the one time and close?

    This is how it starts:

    Later, I have

    I had thought this would run once, if the data was good, then
    close, but it just loops.

    Re: Make a hyperlinked checklist on the fly

    Works perfectly! Just the way I imagined. Now, having seen this, I can answer your question about which cell to link to, which would be the cell address of the value pulled into the sCombusterChecked variable. I'm sure I can handle that, though. Thanks for getting me started!

    I have a workbook with several worksheets in it. I have VBA code that checks to see if certain cells on some of those sheets are filled in. If those specific cells are empty, my code creates a list on a pre-designed, normally hidden, hidden spreadsheet of those Sheets that need to have their information filled in.

    I have multiple copies of this workbook, each specific to the end-user, but making the same checks. My end-users have wildly varying levels of technical ability. One idea I had to make this workbook more user friendly was to hyperlink that list of sheets that need to be double checked, so the user could click on the name of the sheet and go directly to it, rather than having to scroll through 100 tabs and find the one he needs.

    Here is my code to create the list; I imagine my hyperlinking would live in the same place.

    --Other sections of code--

    --the rest of the code--

    Re: Looking for a single function to change the captions for numerous toggle buttons

    Largely because I could change the size of the toggle button, but I was less successful at making the checkbox or radio button appear on the sheet at a size I wanted. The fill is too big to attach, but I mocked a version of it to show you. The B's indicate where buttons are intended to go.

    Re: Option Box/ Checked Box

    Validation is built into Excel. You can find it in Excel under the Data Menu.

    You can use it to restrict what sort of responses users can enter on your
    sheet. What exactly did you have in mind for your project?

    Re: Selecting specific Sheets in a workbook based on the contents of a cell in each sheet

    I toyed with the code a bit, and I managed to get it to work. Here's what I came up with:

    Thanks for your help!

    I have a spreadsheet, attached, which contains a number of different types of sheets. This is the base sheet, from which the working sheets will be spawned. The tab names identify the different types of sheets. In the working file, there will likely be over 100 sheets in this workbook, made up of different combinations of the sheets that are shown in this file. Two of those types, the Guage and the CBM sheets, will have unique id numbers in cell A1. The other sheets will not. I am trying to develop some VB that will select in a group all the sheets that have id numbers, ignoring the rest. I am thinking I want to accomplish this by way of a FOR EACH Sheet in Workbook style loop, using a check for the id number in A1, and selecting those sheets.

    Re: Restrict display of VB calculation steps

    I hope this isn't too long.

    Re: Restrict display of VB calculation steps

    Thanks for the tip!

    I've tried both of them already, however.

    The Screenupdating is working fine - the screen flips to the Data sheet, and you don't have to watch the sequence of steps of the code.

    The hidden sheet generated an error when I used it. When the file opens, it shows the Values sheet, because that's what the higher ups want to see. To update the values, I have code selecting the Data sheet, and when I hide the Data sheet, that select method fails.

    Good morning!

    I have a workbook with 2 sheets in it: (1) Values and (2)Data.

    I have code in the Data sheet to pull specific data from a range of other files.

    The Values sheet is the accumulation of the information in the Data sheet.

    Put another way, VB code runs in the Data sheet, and the Values sheet is a summary of the results.

    This form is meant to display the Values to the higher ups. Currently, upon opening the Workbook, and triggering the Auto_Open code, you see the Values sheet, then flip to the Data sheet while the code updates the data, then flips back to the Values sheet. I would prefer all the processing be completely hidden. How can I modify the code to keep the Values sheet visible and perform the updates in the background?