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    I have been going in circles with this.

    I have two cells,

    F3 and G3

    They are part of a row that automatically enter dates based on a lookup table, and using weekday I can get that bit to work.

    However, G3 has to always be on a Wednesday.

    An example would be F3 contains 09/01/18, G3 allows(x) working days so in this example of 5 working days would show a date of 16/01/18 but this needs to be a Wednesday. To add to the confusion the Wednesday it receives must be the next Wednesday it can never round down. The amounf of days added is variable based on a drop down option earlier on in the row.

    My lookup table shows how many working days and its reference is O3 so my formula is =IF(f3="","",WORKDAY(F3,03))

    like I say what I am trying to do is get this cell to always be the next Wednesday, and never round down.

    Any help would be appreciated.