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    Please can someone give me a vba code that will enable me to clear all text boxes from a userform form after 10 seconds.

    This is what I want to do.

    I was to scan a barcode unto a text box, which will do a search & populate the rest of the textboxes with information. After 10 seconds, I want the screen to clear so that I can scan another barcode, and get information for that code.

    Thank you


    I am looking for a vba code which searches a table for items with same reference, adds of the corresponding amounts . if it adds to zero, delete the items from the table. see below example

    Ref amount
    a102 50
    b156 25
    a102 -50
    a568 12
    a578 10

    So, i will like to search and delete lines 1 and 3 as they add up to zero.

    Thank you


    I want to be about to create 3 folders


    I've gone as far as creating folders year and month, but not week.

    See my code below

    Can anyone help

    thank you

    Please can any one give me a vba code to use to send particular excel spreadsheets to a designated printer.

    So that when the spreadsheets are sent to print, they prints only to a specified printer that is different from the one frequently used.

    This the code I got from using macro recording

    The problem I have now, is how to combine the above with a code already assigned to a command button below

    Sub PrintReport() 
    Sheets(Array("Sheet 1", "Sheet 2","Sheet 3", "Sheet 4", "Sheet 5", "Sheet 6")).PrintOut copies:=1, Collate:=True 
    End Sub

    thank you

    Any ideas?