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    Re: Imported numbers don't match ones calculated by an Excel formula

    Are you using "text to columns" ?
    Because when I imported CSV files earlier, the data didn't get the correct "comma" when I used the "text to columns" function. So I had to change that.
    I'm working in a norwegian excel though, dunno if it's the same with the english version


    I got a problem with my "sumif formula". I think it is very simple to fix, but I can't find a solution to it.

    I want to sum a range of cells, if a single cell got the specific initials.

    =sumif(M9;"IS";N9:Q9), For some reason this formula does only give the value from cell N9, and not the range, N9:Q9.

    I'm sorry for bad english, but I hope you will understand me.

    Thanks in advance!


    I'm not sure that this i possible, but i want to "turn" my document, so that the columns become rows and vice versa.
    Atm i have dates in columns and persons in the rows. It is information between persons and rows, which means, I need all the content in my sheet to "follow the rotation".
    A number in D5 will end up in E4.

    I hope this was understandable, and that someone is able to help.

    Thank in advantage


    I got a sumif formula, where I sum the hours if a certain person is represented.
    Hours in row 11 and the person in row 12.

    The patern in my excel document is that every second row is hours and persons. Hours on odd row number and persons on even.

    My problem is that when I want to copy my formula down, it goes one row down to =SUMIF(K13:R13;"TW";K12:R12)
    I want it to go two rows down to =SUMIF(K14:R14;"TW";K13:R13)

    Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!


    I'm really unexperienced in VBA, and I'm wondering what's "the best way" to learn VBA from "scratch"?
    And is there any place that explains common words in VBA?
    For example "dim as". I find it in every macro, but i don't know what it means.

    I know how to record macros, but when i read about VBA in this forum it is on a diffrent level.


    Re: A formula that change cell color depending on the priority

    Yes, copying the macro code, was what i ment by "copying the formula".
    Was just afraid that the macro would be very long if I have 20 projects with that formula.
    But I'm very unexperienced in VBA, so if there is not any easy way to manage this, I will just copy the code.

    Thank you very much for all your help!


    My colleagues are working on multiple projects at once. The projects got different priority, so I'm looking for a formula that change the cell color if a person is working on it, depending on the project's priority.

    For example if John is working on project: East(pri.1), South(pri.2) and West(pri.3). On East he got 5 remaining hours (cell E8). Then i would like that cell to turn red. For South green and West red.

    I got a dummie for you to easier understand my problem. If it is still not understandable, please tell me.

    I'm hoping somebody got a formula for this.

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: Formula to find parentheses

    I tried =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Text",A5)),0,1)
    But this formula didnt allow me to search throught more than one cell.

    Maybe I just need a minor change, but i don't know.

    Thank you


    Is there a formula to find a specific word through many columns?
    Between A1 and L4500 i got a lot of diffrent information. I want to show if there is any cells in the row with the specific text, a formula in column M.
    Etc. If C100 got "topside" a notice in column M

    Appreciate all help!


    I got 4500 rows with different kind of descriptions.
    For example. "Signal Border 1-3 (DCA-WTA-Q)"

    I want to divide these in to diffrent columns.
    I used the function "from text to column", but instead of "1-3" it showed "01-mar".
    This happend to a lot of the numbers, but not all.

    Is there a way to avoid this happening?

    Re: Move two cells down while selected in VBA

    I'm sorry.
    Your formula worked perfectly.
    But then a new problem occurred.
    Sometimes it is some empty cells in column:A (max 4 empty cells)

    Do you know what i can do then, to be sure to end up at A3?

    Thank you so much !