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    Re: Nested If

    Hi Everybody

    Thanx for all the help! All the formulas will give the desired result! The desired result will be most probably be the maximum every time except if the user puts in the wrong data. But thanx again I will be able to finish from here on. Have a nice day!

    Re: Nested If

    Sorry I attached the wrong file! The If statement must start from D43 on upwards until d8


    I am new to VBA in excel. In Excel you can only have up to 7 nested if statements, I need to have more than that, how do I do this in VBA in Excel AND how do I execute the VBA code in excel afterwards? I know how to open VBA in Excel and insert a new module but from there on I need help. The code is very simple, basicly if the cell (A10) is 0 it needs to take the value of A9, but if A9 is zero it needs to take the value of A8.

    Help will be apreciated.