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    Re: Enable Right Click In Textbox

    Hi Andy,

    1) I didn't realize that I had the sheets/ textboxes backwards. It was just an example. My actual sheets are named differently.
    2) Yes I know ctrl+c and ctrl+v works, but I'm amazed I am still teaching guys about that. I work with some dinosaurs that barely know how to shut a pc down, nevermind understand what a shortcut key is. If they don't have a mouse to point and click, they are :censored:ed

    Thanks for the code Andy :) you rock

    Re: Enable Right Click In Textbox?

    I would the text in textbox on sheet1 copied to a textbox on sheet2 at the end of the last text using either copy and paste, which the users are used to doing, or they could paste the whole text and edit it later in sheet2 textbox.

    Having them manually select and paste selected text would be best, but I could live with giving them the other option of pasting the text with a commandbutton.

    I have included a workbook to possibly better describe what I mean.

    Oh, and thanks for the help m8, it is appreciated greatly. I've only been here for a short time on this forum, but it is my new favorite place in the world lol!, and it's because of guys like you, Norie, Dave, gmccreedy, and the rest. Hats off to you all.


    I use textboxes on my workbook sheets for certain things. My users like the way they function more like a word document than a regular excel cell. One failing I have found is that the user cannot select cut copy or paste when using these textboxes on a worksheet. Is there any way to enable or emulate this function?
    Use of commandbuttons would be acceptable.
    Thanks, in advance,

    Re: Remove Objects


    hehe i suppose it could work, but I have so much code already written and in place to do what I want already, I don't think I can justify a rewrite to do that.

    Andy, Thanks man, that's what I was looking for. I already moved extesive code from more than a dozen sheets to a module, but that will clean up the scraps and make the emailed sheet lean and mean :thanx:

    Re: Remove Objects

    Just tryed that edit>goto....
    That might be the key fo rme thanks,

    data wouldn't work. The sheets are set up as reports.

    Re: Remove Objects

    Oh, to clarify, I am trying to figure this code out, because that way I don't have to figure out the object number of each individual object or group for everything on every sheet is wish to delete the objects from, and then assign delete for the specific object.

    Re: Remove Objects

    I could do this all day, but unfortunately, it's a waste of my time. I shall now leave it in the hands of you gurus :)

    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    Dim obj As CommandButton
        If obj.Count > 0 Then
            obj.Remove obj
        ElseIf obj.Count > 0 Then GoTo next_obj
        Else: obj.Count = 0
        End If
    End Sub

    Re: Remove Objects

    Getting closer...?

    Private m_objs As Object

    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    If m_objs.Count > 0 Then
    m_objs.Remove m_objs
    ElseIf m_objs.Count > 0 Then GoTo next_obj
    Else: m_objs.Count = 0
    End If
    End Sub

    Re: Remove Objects

    or maybe something like?

    Re: Remove Objects

    or maybe something like?

    Private m_objs As Collection 
    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() 
         ' remove controls
        Do While m_objs.Count > 0 
            Me.Controls.Remove m_objs(m_objs.Count).Name 
            m_objs.Remove m_objs.Count 

    Upon copying a sheet to a new book, I would like to remove the objects (commandbuttons) from the sheet prior to saving it.

    I am not sure of what code I could use to accompllish this, but it might look something like?

    Sub del_objs()
        Dim obj As Integer
            For obj = 1 To Objects.Count
        Next obj
    End Sub

    Re: Remove Code From Copied Sheet?

    I work oilfield. I can track up to 6 drilling rigs events per day. For each rig I make a daily report. For each of these rigs I generate two weekly reports.
    To make these sheets smaller in size and to protect password info is why I would like to do this. I usually leave a commandbutton on each report for the main office to be able to print with if viewing the report(s), but I could remove that easy enough.

    I use the following code to generate one of these weekly reports:

    If this is a big problem, I can move the code to a module. Protecting the VB project is not an option. My workbook is distributed and used by others.

    I was just looking at a sheet of mine, and realized that I had a password on it in the private code. Since I copy this report page to a new book and then send it in to an office, is there any way of either:

    1) stripping the code from a sheet copied to new book sheet?, or
    2) protecting the VBA project on the sheet copied to new book?


    Re: Highlight First Cell in Column of Selected Cell Row

    I ended up having errors with either your or my edit, so I combined them and it works 100% no errors now.

    When running code on the page, I set the cell AA1 to 1, run the code, and then set it to "". This allows the code to run without removing color formatting.

    Thanks so much for your help Andy :)

    Re: Highlight First Cell in Column of Selected Cell Row

    I figured out how to work around this. If I have my macro change a cell number to 1 and then add an if then statement, I can bypass using the code until i change the cell number back to 1 at the end of the macro.

    Re: Highlight First Cell in Column of Selected Cell Row

    Thanks for your help and response. I get an error 424 when I select a cell...

    Cancel last - I got an error until I moved other code in the worksheet to below this code. Now it works perfectly. Thank-you so much!

    I can't thank all you great guys in this forum enough. I have learned how to do things on Ozgrid via free code and forum that I have wanted to do for five years. This place :rock: !!!

    Ah I have found one problem - Because I use more rows than I showed in my sheet example, I use macros to hide or show more or less columns. When I ran a macro, because more than one cell was selected, it left the whole area...

    here's a screen to show - better than 1000 words...