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    Re: tab textbox to textbox on worksheet

    that works! - thanks Andy!

    I've never seen that piece of code before, the

    If KeyCode = vbKeyTab Then

    more fun to be had! :gift:

    gmccreedy - I'm half way built on the userform, and am slowly changing the code over, but these things take time, and i have none, lol :)

    I am assuming I can change that to

    If KeyCode = vbKeyTab or vbKeyEnter Then


    If KeyCode = vbKeyTab or KeyCode = vbKeyEnter Then

    I can get even more formlike action happening :)

    Is this possible? I have tried several variations on this theme

    Private Sub textbox4_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As TextBox)
        Application.OnKey "{TAB}", "XInsertProc"
    End Sub

    in conjuntion with

    Sub XInsertProc()
        If ActiveSheet.Name = "UI" Then
            Select Case Sheet1.TextBox4.Address
            Case Sheet1.TextBox4.Address
                Sheet1.TextBox5.Select'tried .activate here too
            End Select
            Application.OnKey "{TAB}"
        End If
    End Sub

    and I have tried variations on

    Private Sub TextBox4_Exit(ByVal Cancel As Boolean)
    End Sub

    but no luck. The textboxes are 4 and 5 are used for entering passwords. I would like so that once a password is entered in textbox4, that pressing tab or enter will activate textbox 5. Is this possible to do this? I am going to go to a form for this eventually, but I already have a very complicated worksheet that I would like to continue to make use of until I finalize the transition.

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: close a form

    if that's a copy paste of your code, there is a spelling mistake, and, I think, procedure unload me should be on a seperate line to work.

    If me Is Nothing Then  msgbox "inactive" esle msgbox "active"  unload me

    should be

    If me Is Nothing Then  msgbox "inactive" else msgbox "active"  
    unload me

    Re: Hide Worksheet with auto open

    I see nothing that should give an error - you could shorten that code

    Sub auto_open()
    On error resume next
    Sheets("Intro").Range("C7").FormulaR1C1 = "N"
    on error goto 0
    End Sub

    Is the sheet protected?

    Re: Macro to copy from Word To XL

    Ok this works for me, though requires two buttons (will not work with one - tried), and it is not delimited, so you might want to add that, as right now it adds all the text into one cell (unless thats what you want)

    Re: Macro to copy from Word To XL

    I've looked into this all day and everything I have found says it can't be done... text must be in raw text format
    though if you copied the data to the clipboard and then to sheet it *might* work

    If the code to copy to the clipboard is the same for word as it is for excel it shouldn't be too hard

    Here is (edited because i use texboxes for this) copy and paste procedures from one of my workbooks. Perhaps you can use this.

    Re: Populate initial ComboBox.List value

    i ca help you so far... in the

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() add

    Re: Macro to copy from Word To XL

    Apparently not - I imagine it doesn't like the encoding... text files come without it. Your next step would be to use the clipboard, but I'm too tired to get into that right now m8, sorry

    Here's my resume, imported, hehe


    Re: Macro to copy from Word To XL

    substitute this filter for the one it has in the code - not sure if it will work for .doc but should

    Filt = "Whatever Files (*.txt;*.doc;*.rtf) " & _
        "(*.txt;*.doc;*.rtf)," & _

    Re: inputing " into a String

    select the cell and then run this code - it will tell you the input formula, though i suspect you are going to have to use some variables

    Re: VB script to copy values to word

    Here's a macro I found somewhere. Perhaps it will help you on your way

    Goal: take an Excel file and convert it into a text file with a tilde as the seperator (delimiter).

    First off, be sure that the text file that you want to add to is already created or you'll get an error.

    Run this code from the Excel spreadsheet that you want to convert to txt (or .dat or whatever file type you need)