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    I completed a spreadsheet, which calculates five years of future cash flows, then calculates the Present Value of those future cash flows using a Discount Rate of $15%. The sixth year future cash flow is the terminal year. I calculated the terminal year future cash flow, and then its Present Value. Then I added the five year PV and the sixth year PV to arrive at the Fair Market Value of the company. My only remaining step is to calculate the "Tax Amortization Benefit" to add back to the Fair Market Value of the company. This sum will be the value at which I could acquire/merge this company into "my" own company. The problem seems to be that I do not know how to enter this formula correctly into Excel: AB = PVCF(n/(n-((PV(Dr,n,-1)(1+Dr)^0.5)T))-1) Where AB = Amortization Benefit PVCF = Present Value of Cash Flows n = number of periods (in this case number of years) PV(Dr,n,-1)(1+Dr)^0.5 = Present Value of an Annuity of $1 over n number of years, at the Discount Rate Discount Rate = 15% I believe I'm doing two things incorrectly: the "commas" and the “^”. I believe the "^" means that 0.5 should be a superscript number, or in math terms (1.15) to the "power of" 0.5.

    Can someone help?

    Re: Sumif And Sumproduct Not Working

    The conditions I need though may be more clearer with attached file. The worksheet "CHART" is the one that will be replicated in format and the entries (i.e., applicant name, residency, and financial support) are the ones that will be changed. I've replicated "Chart" 3 times on attached file and changed the data within. On the summary page, shows how the calculations should be. The formula I'm trying to reach is one that will work if "Chart" is replicated in format over and over again.

    Re: Sumif And Sumproduct Not Working

    I tried the entry:


    when I hit the enter key it is replaced automatically with


    Why would it do this?

    Ultimate goal:

    What I'm trying to make it do is total all the stipends (cell S10 on non-summary page) for all CA Res students (cell F5) for all MS students in cell B10 of summary page.

    I have a workbook that contains 4 worksheets. I thought by adding a "First" and "Last" sheet to it would help the problem I'm encountering but it did not. The worksheet labeled "Chart" will be copied multiple times and each copy (possibly named with a different name) will be placed between "First" and "Last". The cells I need it to count and sum have been named. (i.e., all d4 cells in "Chart" and in "First" and "Last" are named "DDF".) The summary page is where I'm having problems....In the first section, I need it to calculate the total dollars. For example, I need the total Stipend dollars for all Domestic (DOM), CA Res students, etc. I tried using the SUMIF function but it doesn't seem to work. On the lower portion of the summary, I need it to I tried using the SUMPRODUCT function. I've even tried the COUNTA function (cell C30) and nothing seems to work. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

    I have a workbook that has a summary page that should calculate (counts and sums) based on the "Chart" worksheet that contains the cells which I've defined names for. The intent is that the "chart" can be copied over each time there is a new applicant. I've tried this and it only worked on the original "Chart" - it wouldn't count and/or sum any other copied worksheet after that. Can anyone give me any insight as to why? I've attached the file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    The attached spreadsheet has a list of students. I need to find the easiest way to create a list based on certain school codes (last column). For example only look at the data for students from school codes 52661, 51050, 52881, 53765 and 51590. Based on that set of data, calculate the GPAs, test scores, etc. What would be the easiest way? I have tons of worksheets to do this with. I tried pivot table method but is there a quicker way?

    I can't get sumproduct to work properly on the bottom portion of the attached spreadsheet. It's calculating something but what exactly I can't figure out. It calculates the number of students properly but not the $$$ for each column type of expense. Also, on Column T, the cells have been merged to show a total expense for each student entry. For example if you select T237, the total of the central funds plus departmental funds shows as $94092. However the down in the sum bar (bottom right area where if you select cells to sum) the number that is shown is $162,231. Why is this? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! I'm pulling my hairs out on this!

    I have an excel workbook with over 200 worksheets. It has been passed back and forth between individuals using Excel 2003 and Excel 2000. Those using 2000 when they open up the file see a warning to update (or not) the links. The link doesn't impact the contact of the workbook, therefore selecting do not update is fine. However, it's "bothersome" to those on Excel 2000. For those on 2003, including me, I do not get this warning. I've tried selecting view links but I am unable to do so in 2003. How do I remove this unwanted link for those on 2000? They are not able to because breaking a link is not one of the options....only opening the source or skipping the option or changing the source to another is possible. HELP! I've got to get this done in 1 hour.

    I've been asked to take an ten page word document that has tables and regular text and convert it to excel so that auto tabulation can occur thus requiring formulas and linking. What would be the going rate/fee (hourly) that I should charge? Please send me e:mail if you would like ([email protected]). I need to send out invoice tomorrow for what I've completed. Thanks! BTW, I live in California, USA.