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    Re: Basic Editor

    The problem has now been resolved. I had an image of my C drive taken a month ago - I simply restored that and now everything is back as it should be.

    shg: The Userform/Code do appear in the same space interchanging as necessary when needed. Much more convenient than seperate windows.

    Derk: Everything was ticked as you said.

    RoyUK: Sorry, you were correct of course -my heading didn't give enough info without opening the post.

    My thanks for the replies.

    I have a problem with my VBA Editor. I have the Projects Window at the top left of the screen, the Properties underneath it and, normally, the Userform/Code window fillint the rest. However, The userform/code window is not behaving as before. When you try to get one or the other they open in another window whereas I'm pretty sure that they just opened in the same window. Anyone know how to return it to it's original condition please?

    I have a worksheet on which I have used a Shape (Banner with Scrolls) and Text (wordart) within that, and these are at the head of the sheet. I am writing VBA code to operate on the data in that sheet. The mystery is that when I switch from the worksheet to the VBA editor and I pause for a minute or two when coding - the graphic appears on the VBA screen - a further pause and the wordart does the same.

    The OS is XP and the Spreeadsheet Excel 2003.

    Has anyone seen this happen in their set up?

    Whilst not vital it certainly is annoying and help would be appreciated.

    top three or four rows so that scroilling down the screen leaves the title rows where they are .

    I know that this is possible and have done it several times in the past, age however, dulls the memory and I have just forgot the procedure, can anyone please help.

    change the colours of alternate rows in order to make reading line by line easier. I know that I have used this before as a Conditional action ie:- if(mod...... etc

    As always, the program I used it in has 'disappeared' so I can't check back with that. A search of these pages didn't reveal anything either so I'd be gratedul for your help.

    Re: Dates

    Spog00 and RoyUk:

    I'm suitably flabbergasted!!! Spog00 's code does exactly what I want it to do. Obviously I thought wrong when I said that it wasn't possible.

    Thanks to both for your replies and thanks again Spog00 for your code, a quick and efficient answer to my problem - that'll teach me npt be so negative! 8-))

    I think that I may be asking too much - unless someone knows different!

    I want to be able to enter a start date and an end date - easy enough. But, I want from them to be able to get, by code, a list of the days between and including them For example:- I enter August 28th 2005 and September 2nd 2005 - the code would then give me a list, as follows: Sunday, August 28th 2005, Monday, August 29th 2005 and so on. Is it possible? Perhaps the date would have be entered in the 28/08/05 format ?

    Re: Clearing Textboxes and Checkboxes

    and this is what I ended up with.....

    The second loop was necessary for the instruction regarding checkboxes had to be True or False - whereas 'empty' was sufficient for the textboxes.

    Again thanks for the pointer.

    Some time ago I saw an answer to the problem I have but for the life of me I cannot remember where or what it was !

    I have a userform with some 60 checkboxes and 30 textboxes ( from VBA Control box) which require clearing after use. To list them individually takes uo quite a lot of code - the way I saw containied the expression ' For each etc etc. Something about ' = Textbox then '

    I hope that this will jog someone with a better memory than mine and would appreciate their help.

    Is it possible to put an icon on the Desktop which will, when clicked, load an .xls file - by using VBA code only? A user may not know how to do this the 'normal' way hence the desire to do so when saving the program.

    Help, as always, appreciated.

    Re: Addin Spreadsheet

    Have experimented with this and find that it works in the same way as the 'main' spreadsheet, as follows:

    The spreadsheet has been renamed to 'MyInput' - data entered into the first cell 'A1' -

    a = MyInput.cells(1,1)

    does the job a treat.

    Re: Addin Spreadsheet

    Quote from royUK

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't understand your question at all!!

    A frank answer Roy and I agree that it is vague. The idea is that I wish to enter data on a form using VBA . I was looking through the Additional Controls in the Toolbox and saw an entry 'Microsoft Spreadsheet 11.0' - clicked the box, the icon appeared in the toolbox, put this on to a userform and found that it was just what I needed. The data will be in the following format.... Date Name Address ----- and so on
    - you can the data into the cells but what I want to know is how can you then put that data into arrays for use in other parts of the program ?
    The reason for not using the excel spreadsheet itself if that I want a spreadsheet environment but on a userform so that I can size it and make it fit in with by screen layout at that time - I don't want it to fill the entire screen but, say. a quarter of it.

    I am thinking of using the spreadsheet (listed as an addin) on a userform and, when data is entered into it, retrieve that data so that it can be used elsewhere in the program. Tips on how this spreadsheet can be accessd by means of VBA code would be appreciated immensely!

    Re: Listbox and columns

    Problem solved. How? I put the figures in the ControlWidths column as 120:60 and it worked - strange though - I noticed that it had become 120pts;60pts - nevertheless it worked.