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    Re: [VBA] Offset/Move Values

    Well, thanks for getting me on the right track everyone, especially 6StringJazzer @ EF. Here is the final product:

    I am having an issue manipulating a flat file. The macro I have right now does everything I need, except for one thing.

    I sometimes have values in extended columns, rather than below onto the next row. How can I shift/offset these values to the rows below.

    I have 2 grids below, one with an example as it is now and another of what I would like to occur. The values that change will be in RED. The values in RED are sporadic, in terms of which flat file they show up in. I made them red to make it easier to find, they are only red for this example and it is not indicative of any other file set.

    Also, I have attached an example excel document with sample data.


    Example - Ugly:

    Example - Good:

    Links to other forums:
    Contains link to download data in xlsx:…value-details-inside.html
    Has data in forum table:…set-shift-move-value.html

    Thanks for the help!

    Re: Export "Unformatted" Data from Email to Excel

    Wasn't sure if someone had some OCR implementations they have used before.

    But I have changed the way I receive emails. They will now come in with only two formats. So I may end up hiring someone here for this.

    I want to take certain information from emails and export them to a database so I can call from them at a later point in time. However...the emails do not follow any specific format/layout.


    "My name is Jack Slowski and I will be arriving at Colorado Springs Airport at 15:20. My flight number is 4573."

    I want to be able to take the Name, Airport, Arrival Time, and Flight Number from the emails and export them into an organized excel file.

    Is this possible without the emails following a format? Sometimes the emails are just one liners, other times they can be 6 lines long (never know what the emails will look like, but I always know they will have the above information somewhere in the body of the email).

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    PS. I have spent a few hours looking and the only material that comes close to what I am looking for involves emails that follow a format.

    EDIT: I forgot to add that the date would of arrival would also be included. That date comes in formats such as 11/21/2012 (different variations of that) as well as November 21 2012 (with different variations of that as well).