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    have gone over historical posts and found a lot of great info and I haven't the skill to manipulate to fix my problem.
    I have a list of task owners that are assigned tasks. The tasks are mapped out in Gantt chart form with time shown by an "X".
    what I want to do is to colour the cells "X" with the associated cell colour of the task owner and should the owner change, the cell colour changes.

    I've attached an example and appreciate any help.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Re: Change Operators based on arguments

    Thanks Dave, unfortunately I'm either too thick to understand or haven't communicated my problem well enough. Essentially what I want to achieve is to determine which of the operators =, <, > etc are inserted between two arguments with the decision based on the result of another formula.

    In the first cell I have a drop down list which is determining the operators, the result of this is <, =, > etc which refers to the "Operator Defined" area in the following formula.

    I then have a nested array formula generally as
    [=sum(if(Daily_Supervisors="Night",if(Production "Operator Defined" Planned,Tonnes_Produced,0),0))]

    Many thanks in advance.

    People and Helpers
    I am trying to alter the type of operator used in one formula based on the result of an argument in a separate cell generally as follows:
    If Cell 1 equals something then use the ">" operator, otherwise use the "=" operator.

    I appreciate this sounds really simple and I'm having a major brain fade as I cannot figure out how to relate the two arguments as follows:
    [If(Value 1 "Operator" Value2, then do something, otherwise do something else) ]
    where the operator is pre-defined in another formula.

    Many thanks in advance as I have had nothing but briliant results from this forum!

    Re: Drop Down Boxes

    I'm not too sure what you're doing but if you want more than one result you may have to use multiple validation cells. You can copy them across multiple cells. Should you want to join them you can use the "Concatenate" function.

    I have an issue where we feed animals in tanks a certain amount of food that is fed each day unless changed. The changed value then becomes the current value again until changed.
    We have many tanks and the dates at which the changes are made are totally arbitrary.
    What I am doing is recording the information and have found a way of summing the total used based on the current date and a sumproduct calc.
    What I'd like to do now is to choose two dates and automatically calculate the food supplied between thos two dates which will not necessarily correlate with the dates at which the changes occurred.
    Sounds a lot simpler than what it is.
    Appreciate any help.
    Thanks John

    Re: Drop Down Boxes

    You use "Data", "Validation" and then choose list. In the list box either type in the values you want in the drop down box, or refer to a range of cells that are already populated. You can also use named ranges, add error messages add information for anyone using them
    Hope this helps.

    I have a problem where feeding of animals occurs daily however periodically the amount of food is varied. This information is kept in a table with the daye of the food change. I want to calculate the food fed to that particualr group of animals, therefore I have to find the start date, calculate the number of days until it changes multiply by the daily rate, remeber this number, then continue until the next change or to the current or specified date. It's a little more difficult than it seems, or more correctly it is a little more difficult for ME!
    Appreciate any help.

    You can alternatively use the following formulae, cumbersome though they may be, they work. If your date is in cell A1, and your separators are "." then :



    I'm sure you could make it easier, but it works irrespective of number of digits.

    I have a series of workbooks, all with cells located in the same place and want to reference individual cells from 18 workbooks on to a summary sheet. Although the individual workbooks cell values may change and they may in fact be closed, the summary picks up the current value. I don't want to go through and reference each cell or block of cells into the summary workbook. Any ideas?
    I have the file path and file names and went to concatenate it and then use the indirect function however can't make it look at the workbook when the reference workbook is closed. Can someone please help? Many thanks!:(