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    Dear fellow excel friends.
    I am trying to make a code in VBA so that can do multiple 2D column charts. But I have no success.

    I have 22 names in column A (from column A2 to A23.)
    Then in column B1 and forth I have a months date (example B1-1 March, column c1 2 march and so on).
    And on each person for the different dates I have a value in percentage.
    What I want to do is create 22 different charts (for the 22 people) with the values from the different dates. Also in column b23 and forth I have the average for all the people for the day. This should also be included in the chart as comparison. These charts should if possible be placed on a different sheet in order after eachother.

    Is this possible?
    I have tried many things but csn only get it to work on 1 person.

    Many many thanks for the help.

    Re: Numbers into times

    Bloody hell, it works :) many many thanks. I just changed the cell foramtting one more time then it worked :) Thank you thank you

    Re: Numbers into times

    It did not work; for example the value 205 gave me 03:55 but should have been 03:25. This is really a nut to crack..

    Re: Numbers into times

    Dear NBVC, it should display 01:40 if the value is 100. and 04:02 if value is 242 and so forth. Many thanks for looking into this.

    I have been trying to get the right formula for translation of numbers (in this case meaning minutes) into times.
    Example if I have nr 100 in cell A1 then in cell B1 it should say 1Hour 40 minutes (01:40). If I have number 242 it should say 4Hours 2 minutes (04:02).
    But I cannot get this right.

    Could anyone pls help me with this amateur problem :).