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    Re: Consolidating Data

    Hi, everscern,
    Do you want to move any row that is changed? Using the Change event will produce several duplicates if more than 1 cell in the row is changed. What is the range of columns your data is in?


    Re: Transparent Worksheet On Open

    Hi, nirmaludupa!
    I'm not sure I follow you. What kind of automation problems are caused by hiding the sheet? What do you mean by transparent? Perhaps an attachment would help to better understand.


    Re: Counting Macro Used

    One way is to store it somewhere in a worksheet. Choose your location and add the following to your button code.


    Modify the range as needed.


    Re: Validation Drop-down Arrow Not Showing

    I think you have a corrupt workbook. None of the other things that I know may cause this are the cause. However, if you insert a new sheet and copy all the information via Select All, the arrows return. It worked when I tried it anyway. Try it and post back.



    I wonder if someone could advise me.

    I am using the following Selection_Change Event to show a UserForm when a cell in 1 of 31 named ranges is selected.

    The code works fine. However, it must loop 31 times each time a cell is selected. I'm trying to find a better way. I tried the following, but there seems to be a limit of 24 ranges.

    I would appreciate any advice given.


    Re: Move Cell One Column Right Offset Rows

    Hi, jdbegg!

    Does this do it?

    Re: Increase Date By 1 Month & Return Month Name


    Hmmm... Maybe you could have the spin button always pick the first day of the month and plug that into the first day cell. Then you could just write formulas for the other days (=A1+1), etc. You could then trigger a procedure to hide the last columns if they have a month number greater than the first cell.

    Great idea, Jim!

    Using your suggestion, I was able to accomplish the task with the following:

    After entering the formulas as you suggested, I simply had to code for A1 and add the hide procrdure, after. It works great.

    Dave, I tried your suggestion as well. It returned the name of the month only. I do appreciate your help, though.

    Many thanks,

    Re: Increase Date By 1 Month


    By the way, what will you do if the day is 31 and the next month doesn't have 31 days?

    Hi JimFuller1! Thanks for responding.

    Well, I have an entry sheet that is used to enter information for 1 month. The data is separated into daily sections. The date is at the top of each section. The user clicks a spinbutton to select the next month or previous month. With the selection, the dates must be increased or decreased by 1 month. I am currently working on a procedure to allow for all possibilities(December, 30, 31, 28, 29). In the mean time, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew a method to increase a date by 1 month. I know there are a lot of variables, but maybe there's some method that I don't know.

    Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it.


    I'm looking for a better way to increase a date by 1 month, using VBA.

    I can use the following, but not without numerous Select Case or If statements to take into account the varying month lengths or whether or not the date in question is December.

    Range("A1") = MonthName(Month(Range("A1")) + 1) & " " & Day(Range("A1")) & ", " & Year(Range("A1"))

    Any better ideas or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.


    Re: Textbox Time Calculation

    Bryce and Squeegedog,

    Thank you both for your help. Both suggestions worked brilliantly. Believe it or not, I've been trying to find the proper syntax for three days.:?


    Hello all!

    After numerous searches and attempts, I am at a loss. I'm attempting to calculate the total number of hours between a start time and end time using textboxes on a Userform.

    Here is my latest attempt:

    The above codes are an attempt to force an entry as time (7, 07, 700, 0700=7:00 / 13, 1300=13:00 etc.). However, the result is not correct.

    For example:
    Start Time in Textbox(D24)=07:00
    End Time in Textbox(D25)=17:30
    Result in Textbox(D27)=0.4375 :flame:
    Desired Result in Textbox(D27)=10.5

    I've never calculated times in textboxes, so I'm stumped.:confused:

    I would be more than grateful if someone provide a suggestion as to how to accomplish this. I have attached an example.


    Re: Saveas Dialog

    This might do it:

    Let me know how it works out. :)


    Re: Saveas Dialog

    Will the file always be saved to the same location as the workbook from which the code is run? If not, how would you like to choose the location?