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    Re: Time format hh:mm:ss.000

    Actually my requirement: I have *.csv file which has device power quality data, every sec 25 lines will be logged into *.csv file(it will be in millisecond). To extract the correct report i need to locate the specific time ("1:38:30") then i select range of cells for custom report file. Problem i faced is "1:38:29.533" is consider as "1:38:30" while find option using macro. so using this formula to locate row value and then extracting the range
    of cells
    = LEFT(TEXT(A1,"h:mm:ss.000"),LEN(TEXT(A1,"h:mm:ss.000"))-4)

    Venkateswaran K

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    Thanks all for ur effort. got the solution by using below formula.
    = LEFT(TEXT(A1,"h:mm:ss"),LEN(TEXT(A1,"h:mm:ss"))-4)

    Venkateswaran K

    I'm trying to extract only hh:mm:ss from the mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.000 format. reason behind this is, i need to search exact hh:mm:ss, when it is found i will locate that row as starting and copy range of records.For that what i'm doing is

    A1 12/28/2012 09:10:10.123 B1 =Left(Mod(A1,1),find(".",Mod(A1,1))-1)
    A2 12/28/2012 09:10:10.678 B2 =Left(Mod(A2,1),find(".",Mod(A2,1))-1)
    A3 12/28/2012 09:10:11.108 B2 =Left(Mod(A2,1),find(".",Mod(A3,1))-1)

    getting error 0 value but expected value is 09:10:10, 09:10:10, 09:10:11

    Appreciate ur great help

    venkates k