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    Can anyone solve this below problem

    I have two worksheets as follow:

    1. FGSummary_PossibleToRes_20140121.xlsx
    2. FGSummary.xlsx

    In sheet1 of worksheet FGSummary.xlsx, I need value of cell J1 of sheetname(NResSoak) of worksheet FGSummary_PossibleToRes_20140121.Xlsx Full Path:='\\192.168.9913\SSRS_DailySummaryReport\[FGSummary_PossibleToRes_20140121.xlsx]NResSoak'!$J$1

    Please note that the red highligted is date in the worksheet name (Format: YYYYMMDD) and it changes daily.

    I tried below formula but it doesn't work


    C1 = today's date (Format: YYYYMMDD) which is 20140121

    I appreciate if you could solve this problem

    thank you!