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    In Range (L:M) checking your criteria, ie, Is there any appraisal for that year. If there is no appraisal, it will bring true, else it will bring false. Then the advance filter looking for where blank is true and it brings the result. Hope u understand the logic behind it.


    Thanks again. Yes there will be more blanks rows. Since every day a new data is coming in the next row, i can't tell, the maximum number of rows in the range. To get a solution, I can say it will not be more than 366 rows. (i am doing this process through the whole year). And there may be more blank rows also. What I want to do is, Find the last blank row (cell) in the range from the beginning to the end (eg. E2:E365) and bring the single cell value just underneath that blank cell.

    In the nested If formula you had mentioned , i have to manually look for the last blank cell and then I have to change accordingly for every coloumn. Since I have many coloumns in the range it is not an easy solution.
    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I think my question is not clear. I dont want fill the blank rows or cells. I looking the result in another cell. ie. (value of the cell, which is the first cell just under the last blank cell.)
    I am attaching the sheet for your reference.


    I have a sheet with data as under. In between there are blank rows without data. I want to get the first cell value in each coloumn which is the value just below the last blank cell)

    here for eg: Here the last part is From March 11. For Coloumn "B" I want to get the value (-1.43) and For Col. "C" -2.16, so on... If my question is confusing, i can attach the spreadsheet.

    I am looking for a formula, not a VB Code. Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks a lot.


    A B C
    Feb 21 2.47 0.65
    Feb 24 -4.84 -2.97
    Feb 25
    Feb 26 -4.52 -1.00
    Feb 27 -0.72 0.27
    Feb 28 0.71 -0.77
    Mar 03 -1.57 -0.51
    Mar 04 -1.19 -0.48
    Mar 05
    Mar 06 -5.11 -1.69
    Mar 07 2.60 -0.57
    Mar 08
    Mar 11 -1.43 -2.16
    Mar 12 0.51 0.07
    Mar 13 5.64 3.22
    Mar 14 -0.48 2.60
    Mar 15 -0.15 3.17