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    Hello Carim, thanks for the sheet.

    If possible I was looking for a user form due to the number of projects and dates there will be as well as to avoid user input error (the task is going from one team to another) therefore trying to make it "fool proof"

    Genuinely appreciate all of the help but thinking a userform might be more complicated than I originally thought.

    Thank you both.

    Carim - Effectively staff will complete paperwork and send to an office which is then input by office staff on a weekly basis. The original template I have covers around 40 different projects and spans an entire year. The intention is to store the data in the spreadsheet and when a new year starts save the last years and create a new template.

    Roy - that would be great thank you. I will try and have a look at your website later on tonight.


    Please excuse my ignorance, but is a flat file essentially the way the spreadsheet is laid out? Unfortunately I have inherited a template that they would prefer not to change. However if this makes it a lot easier, open to any suggestion.

    Thank you again


    I have an Excel sheet I want to use, where someone can select a Project (Column A = Project1, Project2 ..) a date (Row 1), and a rate of pay (Row 2 = x1, x1.5 and x2)

    then enter an amount of hours which will populate the correct cell. There will end of being 000's of projects and span an entire year, hence the reason for an input box. I have tried to use the code enclosed however end up with a few problems.

    1. The lists end up with gaps in between them and
    2. I can not make the code take the input form data and place it in the correct cell.

    I have tried searching google and YouTube but having no luck and my "coding" ability is basic at best

    Thank you for any help

    Project A
    Project B
    Project C

    [INDENT]Hello All,

    I have a spreadsheet that I would like to write code so depending on your USER ID (windows login) will show certain sheet. I know how to get the user id using Environ("username")

    so for eg USER 1 - Access to all sheets
    USER 2 - Access to sheet 2 only
    USER 3 - Access to sheet 3 only.

    I have searched various forums / sites but to no avail. I am not even a novice in VBA so if possible treat any answers like your speaking to a 5 year old.

    This is as close as I have came but no results or errors.
    Private Sub User_Name()


    Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
    ps I know this is not 100% secure but will only be used for a small group of people with non-confidential data [/INDENT]