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    Re: Find Column Header Name for the Max in a Row

    Thanks for the reply,

    While that's what I'm looking for, and it works perfectly for the row directly under my column headers, it returns N/A when I try to apply to any other row because there is a gap in rows. For example, I would like to find which column header located in B1:X1 is the max of B3:X3 or B4:X4 and so on.

    How can this equation be changed to take into account gapped rows?


    I have a spreadsheet with row one consisting of months. From Row2 downward, the first column of each row gives a product name and each of the other columns/cells in that respective row shows sales in that respective month.

    I am trying to find the max # in each row (per product) and retrieve the month at the top to see which month had the most sales. I will put this into a mini separate chart so I can see which month per product had the most sales.

    I know how to find the max per row, but I don't know how to retrieve the topmost cell in the column of the max#. Even more confused on how to do this for multiple rows.

    Help is very appreciated. Thank you.

    Re: How to Simultaneously Edit Workbooks From 2 Different Computers (Like Google Docs

    Ok, more specifically: Say I have a cell that is linked to another program that is running on my main computer. This link is live, and it changes rapidly and frequently, obviously causing the cell's value to change. If shared between 2 computers, would this live link update live as well on the other PC running the same excel workbook?

    Some of the software we'd use to analyze is not able to be installed on the main machine where the data feed comes from, and thus we'd need to link it live thru excel to another machine where we can data crunch.

    Is this something that can be accomplished?


    Hello everyone,

    Like google docs, is it possible to have the same excel workbook opened on 2 different computers, and be able to edit simultaneously and see these values updating LIVE from two different places?

    I am attempting to work on a massive project with a colleague, and instead of working separate on this and saving and switching to the other user, we'd like to both be able to be viewing the exact same workbook while working on different parts of it, yet see these updates in real time (without having to save and reopen).

    Like I said, is there a way to mimic google spreadsheet live cloud functionality in excel? (What we are doing is far too advanced for googledocs spreadsheets).

    If anyone can tell me how to do this I'd really appreciate it!

    Thank you!


    I have a completed macro that records price data of certain variables every 30 seconds, it pastes them to a range below, and continues to log these changes in prices by pasting the new variable below the previous.

    The code works perfectly, however I need to make a change that I am not sure how to do.

    Currently I have start and stop buttons to initiate the recording process, but I'd like to change this to automatically start the macro at a specific time, and end it at a specific time, every day from monday thru friday. I will always have the spreadsheet open, so basically I would like it to automatically start at 6:30 am every weekday, and stop at 5:30pm every weekday.

    I'm a novice in VBA, and I've tried to edit my code with no luck. My current code includes the buttons (StartTimer assigned to the Start button, StopTimer for the Stop button), but I'd like to remove them somehow and just automate the process without them. I have this so far:

    I don't know exactly where and how to put in a specified start time, record values every increment that I have set, and then end at the specific time. Would I need to set a second timer? Would I need to specify an additional variable to do this? These are the questions I do not know. I would truly appreciate help on this.

    (((I have cross posted, I will paste links below)))


    I am juststarted learning VBA and needed some help on the creation of a macro to recorda set of values and put in a time stamp as well.

    The spreadsheetis set up with the second row (row 2) with a value in each cell goinghorizontally, from column to column. These cells are continuously updated witha link to provide a live number of a specific values, whose names are in row 1above it.

    I would like torecord each of these values at the same time, every single 1 minute timeinterval, to keep a log of them. As the values change/update, I'd like all thevalues in the 2nd row (the ones that are continuously updating) to be copiedand pasted to the row below, and in the first column (column A) have a timestamp of the exact time(every minute) that this value was recorded. At the nextminute, I want this to happen again, but this time the value pasted below thepreviously recorded/pasted row (so lets say at 12:00:00 the values are pastedin row 3, and at 12:01:00 the values are copied and pasted into row 4), so thatas time passes. a new row is formed with new snapshot values of the live cellsin row 2. I want it to be able to run continuously (infinitely recording valuesdownward) until I manually break the macro myself (I know this will be a hugeamount of data, but I can manage that).

    Also, how wouldI be able to adjust the spreadsheet macro in case I decide to add even moreupdating cells in row 2, thereby using more columns to record data. So forexample, at first I'm keeping track of let's say 10 variables, range(B2:K2),but next week I want to keep track of range(B2:BB2). Is there a specific way Ican update the macro in order to run it the same, but now also incorporate thenew value recorded and time stamped, just like the others ( I realize that the timestamps for these "extra" products added in will not have thepreviously recorded data as the others would, and therefore would start waydown the rows in sync with the others based on the time I start recording), andwhere specifically would I change this value to incorporate the new range? Iwant this all contained within the same sheet of the workbook, to automaticallyrecord even as I do other stuff in other workbooks/worksheets.

    This beingsaid, I started some code, so I don’t have to start from scratch. Please seethe attached code (below) to give the best advice.

    Thefunction/macro "LastRow" was one I received from some help on anotherwebsite, to add into mine: I don't know how to implement it accurately to get the results I want. Do Ijust add the function underneath, and which part of the code do I change to fitmy needs? I would appreciate any step by step help on this.

    I also receivedsome other code to add a time stamp to each row, but I don't know how to factorit into the macro to make it work. need help compiling this huge project to make it work efficiently.

    I know how to make a button of this to initiate the macro, so that won’t be aproblem.

    I'm at a losson how to do something this complex, and help or guidance would be appreciated.I hope I've been descriptive enough. Thanks!

    CODE: (this is all I have so far)

    I've also asked for help here, with suggestions from other members, but I do not know how to form/write/implement the code to the suggestions given.