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    Howdy, this is probably really easy for you guys, but I'm having a devil of a time with it.

    Have an ever-changing dataset that I get snippets of from a database and then add a bunch of search formulas to check whether the data in column "AM" meets a number of criteria.

    Currently, I store the formulas I need in my personal workbook with the formulas inactivated. I then paste the ten formulas I need into the new workbook starting in column "BK", add the "=" sign and fill down.

    This is a repeatable task and I hate doing it 4 times a week. The main thing that changes time-to-time is the number of rows that I need to fill down for. And obviously the row references that the search formulas point to in column "AM".

    Can someone help me get started on what to do step by step to figure out how to automate this task using VBA?

    Unfortunately, I can't post the data in a public forum, nor can I send it privately.

    Also, I'll gladly donate $50 to the Dave Hawley Foundation in honor of the person who helps the most.