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    At the end of the road on this problem,need any suggestion I can get. This is posted on another too.…-vba-projectpassword.html…ions-projectpassword.html

    If I put this code on commandbutton it will open outlook in front of workbook,if I put a VBA Project password on it and close and save.When I reopen the workbook and run the code outlook opens behind the workbook? What does the password have to do with this? Looking for suggestions for a fix. Got to ask all the experts on this,two day of trying stuff with no luck
    Thanks for looking Z

    Have this code that gets data from another workbook,can I add to code so if A1>0 paste the data in C1. so it gets data from one workbook and if the cell is
    greater that 0 in paste in the other cell.If its a 0 then it does not paste.

    ='C:\Users\tom\Dropbox\[Master.xlsm]Address Book'!$A:$A

    Re: Vba to insert time in cell with text

    That did the trick Mumps, what if I wanted Date instead with a certain format.

    Range("A1") = Range("A1") & " " & Date  this works but can't make it format the way I need.
    want the date to show like 2-21-2015  tried custom format on cell but it will not listen. LOL

    Re: If folder doesn't exists

    fix for the problem if so

    Re: If folder doesn't exists

    This code does a good job of putting in the strAltFolder,but it doesn't see the folder in strFolder. Not sure why it does not
    see the existing folder??

    Re: If folder doesn't exists

    It has to be in this part of code, I can make a simple folder Like (Sales) on C drive and it does not see it?

    Re: If folder doesn't exists

    Not sure why but it says folder does not exist. I checked the folder in dropbox and all is good. I checked the value in C13 all is right,not
    sure why it does not see folder?.

    Re: If folder doesn't exists

    was using example and had problems. Here is the code.