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    File Associations

    I have an issue on a Sony where the home and student office edition is not being used as default by excel or word documents
    the file has no associations and when i use

    open with - or file associations in control panel - there is no word or excel to fine

    I did a search on the PC with hidden files viewable for excel.exe and it does not exist

    it would appear to be a virtual install - see below

    There are no system restore points available on the PC

    I'm about to try a repair from control panel>uninstall programs >
    BUT if that does not work - then we need the full installation kit - which I cannot find on MS site - only 2013 and 360 trials

    office and student 2010 full download

    I'm working on a PC and looking on the web, have the issue where the user just received a box with a Key and then installed online - but there appears to be an option to install a one click virtual version

    it would appear the student and home addition has been in installed using a oneclick virtual facility and excel.exe is not on the hardddrive

    The files are no longer associated with office and I cant get them to work using open with or file association as excel and word are not listed
    the programs start short cut has

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\Virtualization Handler\CVH.EXE" "Microsoft Excel 2010 9014006104090000

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\Virtualization Handler\CVH.EXE" "Microsoft Word 2010 9014006104090000"

    I'm trying to download the full version of MS student and home 2010 and then I can use her Key or do a repair on from installed programs
    But I cant find a download to use with the key she has - I want to have a option to re-install completely if repair does not work

    anyone know where can I get a full version of office and home student 2010 edition to download ?


    Re: Setting commission date based on date of sale


    Lastly On blank cells with no date it sends a result of 1/1/1900 is it possible to just to show a blank instead?


    =IF(J5="", "" , IF(AND(DAY(J5)<16,DATE(YEAR(J5),MONTH(J5),20)),DATE(YEAR(J5),MONTH(J5),20),DATE(YEAR(J5),MONTH(J5)+1,5)) )

    Re: Setting commission date based on date of sale

    sorry, I changed the cells reference , when i noticed I had a specific cell - I usually try things out in excel before posting


    I tried that and ended up with a number 41294

    thats a date in general format - so you just need to format the cell to date and then it should work


    The A3 cells should be the cell with the date? for instance 1/1/13 is inside Cell A3.

    should be the cell with the date the sale happened


    If the sale happens during the 1st-15th then the commission is paid on the 18th of the same month. If it happens on the 16th-30th/31st, then commission is paid on the 2nd of the next month.

    Re: Add overtime hours bases on Reason Code and whether cash or time

    in the cash area - But i removed the : from column F - sure this could work with a colon could not get it to work

    and in time

    see attached

    Re: RAG based on date completed

    i have added the formulas
    and an addition BLUE condition, as i was not sure what you wanted to do in this condition where Date closed is blank , but due date has passed

    I have put these formulas in a conditional format - BUT also in the order shown below and used a stop if true set , otherwise you may get green/amber for blank closed dates

    date closed is blank and Due date is before today

    Green =IF(E3<>"", (E3-D3)<=14,FALSE)
    Date closed is NOT blank and less than or = 14days

    Amber =IF(E3<>"", (E3-D3)<=28,FALSE)
    Date closed is NOT blank and less than or = 28days

    red =(E3-D3)>28
    Date closed is > 28days

    see attached
    where I have explained and also shown all the formulas working as TRUE FALSE on the sheet , also in order in columns - so the first TRUE will apply

    Re: RAG based on date completed

    that should work , if they are date formats
    can you post a sample spreadsheet

    if you try putting the formula into a cell in the spreadsheet and use it as a test

    T5-S5 what is the result you get - format the cell as a number - otherwise you will get a date returned

    Re: Formula to calculate gst


    i currently have '=sum(e5/11)' in the claimable gst column (g5).
    if e5 is a zero value i need the sum of f5/11 in g5.

    =if( e5=0 , f5/11, e5/11)

    Re: Create a constant in workseeht to refrence information on another page.

    you could just gointo the chart source data and change the axis to use the questions from sheet "questions"
    or you could use
    in sheet data
    cell d1 and enter = =Questions!B5
    in E1 enter =Questions!B6

    that will actually look quite messy on the chart , as the questions are very long and the legend will then be very long

    Re: Trying to populate a cell in a table based on a drop down list

    in excel you can address a cel in relative or absolute (the techie terms) and the $ does that
    so by having a $ infrom of the 1 in
    as you copy down the rows
    instead of changing to 2,3,4,5 etc as you copy down - it stays on 1

    same for the column
    and so
    by using $ you can then copy across the columns or down the rows without excel assuming you also want to change the columns and row address

    see here…ferences-HP010342940.aspx

    Re: Trying to populate a cell in a table based on a drop down list

    if you copy
    =IF( D2="work", C2, "")

    D2 and C2 will change letters

    the dollar fixes the column to it does not change and the row so it does not copy down incorrectly
    IN E2
    IN F2
    in G2

    Re: Trying to populate a cell in a table based on a drop down list

    an IF would do that
    but i may not be understanding exactly

    in F2 to

    =IF( D2 = "work", c2, what_to_do_if not work, night or home selected)

    works by having a TEST, with a true and false condition that can be run IF( test, true, false)

    in this case
    =IF( test - what does D2 drop downdown contain , true , false)

    Re: =if(isna(vlookup

    so if Vlookup returns #N/A then thats true and you produce "IN" from the IF statement or if it does find a value it does the lookup

    you may want to consider , depending on the version of excel you have


    if True return "Open",instead of the cell value, and if False return "Closed".

    = if true that returns "IN" not the value from vlookup - false does that

    =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(J3,Normalizing!J:K,2,FALSE))=TRUE,"OPEN", "CLOSED")