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    Re: IE Automation: Click button (Object invoked has disconnected from clients)

    I have reviewed the code and there is only 1 button with the name "btnLogin". After multiple unsuccessful attempts at altering the code I decided to just try it on a normal website( It worked perfectly so I can only assume that the issue is with the website. It is a company website so I won't be revealing the code behind it so I believe that this is the end of my journey. Learned quite a bit but just not going to be able to get this working properly.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Re: IE Automation: Click button (Object invoked has disconnected from clients)

    Thank you for your help but I won't be able to tell you the website(even though that pretty much kills my chances of help).
    Now I am getting a new error message:
    "The interface is unknown"
    I have searched the web and was unable to find an answer the would fix whatever caused it. Any ideas?

    If you are unable to help due to the limited information I understand and thank you for your time.

    I have been trying to load a website and then click a button once it has loaded. Each time .Navigate is completed and its time for it to click the button, I get the error message:
    "Automation error
    The object invoked has disconnected from its clients."

    I have tried this several different ways but can't seem to get it to do anything besides navigate to the website before the error comes

    Here is the code that I used last:

    HTML code of button
    <input name="btnLogin" class="formbutton" onclick="javascript:window.location=noCookieURL('');" type="button" value="Login"/>

    Any help would be be greatly appreciated

    Been working on this for a while and can't figure it out. I want the loop to continue until the file name is determined to be one that does not exist then save the file. The issue that I am having is that the value of X is always 1 in the path. When debugging and going step by step, the value of X increases in the loop but not in the Path variable. Forgot to mention I'm pretty new at this.

    Thank you in advance,