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    Currently everything works however; the proposal sheet needs to be a little more flexible. some of the companies i bid to, request a breakdown of costs. Then i have to add rows... and then i have to change the checkbox assignments.

    After i posted an idea popped into my head: can a user form be created? A form that contains all check boxes next to a text box's, and after making the selection it is similarly applied to the textbox on my sheet?

    My bids contain a lot of the same items, and to reduce time and typing i have a column that contains the item, a column for "includes", and a column for "excludes". i currently use a checkbox in the corresponding column to send the item to a text box for combined includes and excludes. i use the following:

    I need add and subtract rows from the sheet and i have to reset the cell assignments every time. I am open to any suggestions on how to change the code, and/or any other suggestions to do the same.

    I am creating a bid list, that may have several contractors bidding. I want to search a list of hundreds of contractors and be able to select 1 to 10(or more) from the same list.

    I found code that is a worksheet change function, that allows you to make multiple selections from a drop down list:

    is there a way to do this and make a drop down searchable? I am open to alternative methods, this code doesn't have to be used.

    I have a table with 10,000 + items. to filter i added 5 columns: Paving, Iowa, Nebraska, Non-DOT, and Rebar. The new columns will have Y/N, and some items will have multiple Y's and/or N's. I need a dropdown with the new columns, and i need to filter the list by the Y in the column. I split the main list into several smaller lists thinking i could use datavalidation to select a specified list, but i can't figure out how. please see the attached. the main reason i want it this way is to simplify estimation for others: select table then select item, populate price, multiply quantity-- all on one line, then copy that line down and repeat. the result would be a list/table i could then import to a form that we send to a customer.